10 Habits That Make Your Skin Age Faster



Aging is a name of horror for both men and women. Nobody wants to get old and reach the level where he or she is called uncle or aunty. Aging is a natural phenomenon and earlier or later everyone has to face it. The earliest sign of aging came on our faces where we found rinkless, dark spot, acne, pigmentations, dryness, dullness, dark circles, and lose skin. This article explain you your unhealthy habits which might cause you skin to show early aging sign before you really get old.

Following are 10 different habits which play a great role in aging.

  1. Exposure of skin in pollution: currently we are in an era of revolution. New industries, automobiles and destructive pattern towards nature make the density of pollution thicker and more dangerous for our health and our skins. Exposure in a polluted sit makes our skin dull due to their harmful chemicals and bacteria.Some researchers found that pollution increase chances of skin cancer too. The best way to reduce this problem is to cover your face and body parts when you are in a polluted area.
  2. Low Water consumption: water is a main ingredient for healthy life. Our body is 70% water based and therefore using clean water for drinking, washing and cleansing our face and body is very important. Unhealthy drinks such as carbonated drink, beer, artificial juices makes our liver functions disturbed and makes damages to our body part. In the result we start looking older from our real age.
  3. Cigarette Smoking: you heard this phrase many times that smoking is injuries to health. In my definition it is also harmful to your skin. Exposure in cigarette smoke dramatically increases skin wrinkles and dryness due to killing vitamin C from our skin. Some researchers believe that it is as harmful as facing ultraviolent rays.
  4. Sun exposure: Ozone Lear of the earth is getting ruptured day by day due to pollution and cutting forest for living and framing purposes. Sun exposure is very aging to skin.It creates mottled in appearance, freckles, brown sun spots, dryness, leathery appearance, and wrinkles and sagging. It is also increases the risk of skin cancer. Using sun block creams for UVA and UVB rays are helpful to minimizing sun affects and protect your skin.
  5. Lack of exercise: Sedentary life style contributes not only on our body physic but also makes our skin aging. Exercise helps to tone your muscles of body and face it is also improve blood circulation in our whole body and oxidize the face automatically. Inactive or sedentary life style also increases the chances of dementia in older age.
  6. Exposure to cold weather: cold weather and breeze makes your skin dry and damage. Using cold cream or moisturizers is a best option for healthy skin if the weather is changing. Oil based and water based moisturizers are available in the markets as per the skin types.
  7. Alcohol use: Alcohol consumption is creates thinner blood vessels in the skin and increasing blood flow near the skin’s surface. When time passes with this habit, these blood vessels starts damaging and creates flush appearance on the face which makes you look older.
  8. Stress: Stress is in the air now days. We can’t avoid having stress but we can minimize it to maintain a healthy life. Stress makes our hormone level disturbed due to which females face early menopause or menses irregularity, where men hormones makes them weak and low libido too. These things lead them toward aging signs.
  9. Lack of sleep: lack of sleep due to any reason creates fatigue and tiredness on your face and lead to aging symptoms. Dark circles and puffy eyes and even low memory are the side effects of lack of sleep. It’s also creates depression and negative thinking too. 8 to 10 hour sleep is very important in adult age so you can work efficiently and look bright and young.
  10. Makeup products: As I said aging is a natural phenomenon but sometimes its start earlier due to choosing unhealthy lifestyle and doing experiments with our skins. Yes experiments, any new beauty product and the gorges girl who is sharing her beauty secrete isn’t have same skin type as you have. Without realizing your skin type, texture, or skin problem how you can use it.