10 Mistakes That Might Be Stalling Your Fat Burning Goals

10 Mistakes That Might Be Stalling Your Fat Burning Goals 1


When you realize that you are unable to burn off those stubborn pounds no matter how hard you train or what improvement you bring into your diet, you really feel frustrated and discouraged. But it is about time you catch the mistakes that may be blocking you from reaching your goals for fat loss and delaying your progress. Take a look at 10 probable mistakes that you might be making.

1)     You assume that cardio is always the solution

For fat loss, traditional cardio doesn’t always seem to work because the more you perform cardio the better your body becomes adapted to it. Therefore, you will start to burn up fewer calories with the same amount of training that you have always done in your routine. At that point, It would be a good idea to include interval training for your cardio, because this promotes the fat burning process and accelerates the rate of metabolic activity.

2)     Your protein intake is not enough:

If you are being stingy on protein, then you should be aware that your fat burning process will slow down because your body burns up more calories to break down protein than digesting any other macronutrient. Protein has the capability to make you feel full and satisfied. According to a research, a high protein diet enhances the composition of the body, with the cholesterol indicators and levels of insulin being the same as to a moderate protein diet while delivering the same amount of calories to the body. Make sure that you are consuming about 1 gram of protein per pound of your bodyweight when you are dieting.

3)     You aren’t giving importance to strength training:

If you are determine on losing fat, then you should start doing heavy strength training sessions. When you are consuming fewer calories, your body begins to lose muscle. The best way to prevent muscle loss is to engage in tough and grueling workouts. Increasing muscle gain also accelerates the rate of metabolism which increases the amount of calories that you burn during the day. Use lower repetitions and higher weights when working out to safeguard your muscle and build endurance and strength.

4)     Stress is your constant enemy:

Stressing out over every little issue can elevate the level of cortisol and set a constraint on fat loss. This is because cortisol binds with testosterone and the production of growth hormone and this can lower the growth of the muscle, and ultimately lead to fat increase especially around the belly region. Take time to unwind yourself and de-stress your body and mind with techniques like yoga, stretching, meditation and performing breathing exercises. You can take a break from exercise by resting for a day every week.

5)     You aren’t keeping a tab on what you are eating:

If you aren’t keeping a tab on what you are consuming, then you are hurting your fat loss progression. Maintaining a food journal helps you to review and evaluate your progress, improve your mistakes and make better food choices. Self-monitoring is an important element in fat loss.

6)     Your fat intake is not enough:

If you believe fat to be your ultimate rival then you need to rethink your opinion. According to a research, taking fish oil in conjunction with aerobic exercise can burn more fat than exercising alone. Research also proved that fish oil can help you to drop two pounds of fat in nearly three weeks. Eating healthy fats like avocados, coconut and olive oil can actually turbo charge your weight loss endeavors.

7)     You are neglecting to drink sufficient amount of water:

Even minimal dehydration can severely cripple your weight loss efforts because the speed of metabolism will slow down in order to preserve water in your body. According to a research, drinking even half a liter of water can cause the metabolism to be spiked up by 30%.

8)     What seems healthy to you isn’t actually healthy:

You might be consuming products which are advertised as being super healthy like breakfast cereals and artificial juices yet they are actually result of unhealthy sugars. It is more beneficial to go for natural and organic foods and drink lots of fresh fruit juices instead of going for carbonated drinks and artificial fruit juices.

9)     You are reducing your carbohydrates consumption:

Steering clear of carbs is not the optimal way to lose fat because this can have a negative impact on your physical performance and can slow down muscle gain. Your body requires carbs to build muscle mass, help with muscle recovery and help you give your best performance while training. Fat loss can be stimulated by integrating healthy complex carbs like whole grains, sweet potatoes and quinoa.

10)  Post workout shake doesn’t mean anything to you:

Drinking protein shakes before a workout can enhance the buildup of muscle, improve muscle recovery and increase the calorie income. If protein shakes aren’t your thing, then taking BCAAs can amplify your performance and promote your weight loss goals as well.