10 Strategies For Achieving The Body Of Your Dreams



It seems like everyone I know starts the new year with a resolution to lose a little body fat and get themselves in shape. While everyone seems to say it, hardly anyone can ever get it done. Some people can last for a while. Other people start to give up as soon asĀ  they’re at a buffet.

You Can Do It: 10 strategies to get the body you’ve been looking for. You need to decide on what you’re looking to get out of your plan to stay motivated. Are you looking to lose 5 pounds or 100 pounds? Maybe you’re just looking to tone your body a little.

Dedication: Dedication is a natural method for keeping yourself engaged in your eating and workout plans. Believing in yourself is the first step to being able to achieve something. When you have that confidence in your ability to complete a goal, the goal will become easier. Those that don’t think they’re ever going to achieve their goal will continuously struggle in following through. If they do follow through then they won’t follow through with the same enthusiasm or vigor.

Team: It’s always easier to try and reach a goal with the support of the people that care about you. Getting in shape has to do with a large variety of different lifestyle changes. A person that is surrounded by like-minded people and people that support the goal will be much more able to follow through. Include other people in your goals and let them know that you’re going to need their help every step of the way.

Enthusiasm: How effectively you follow through on a daily basis has everything to do with how you think about your program. It’s easy to get tempted to avoid doing something unpleasant like going to the gym but when you’re able to keep the goal in mind and stay enthusiastic, you won’t want to miss the gym. You’re also going to face a number of set backs over time. You will probably not meet all of your targets by the time you thought that you’d meet them. You need to be enthusiastic about every part of your program so you can keep the final outcome in mind, instead of all of the stuff you need to do today.

Stick With It: Staying motivated is significantly easier when you have everything already set up and you do everything that you’re supposed to do. Having that plan allows you to know where you need to go next in your plan so you don’t need to worry about anything but the end result. An example of this might be planning out which foods you want to remove from your diet. When you’re going through the diet look at the plan to know when you’re on and off course.

Organization: Being organized can help you bring the motivation that you need to stick it out during the tough times. People that intend to go to the gym might want to prepare themselves the evening before they go. Then put everything that you need right near the exit to make sure you take it. That will make one less excuse for missing a workout while providing a reminder as you walk out the door. The more of a plan you have the easier it will be to stick to it. Know when you’re supposed to be eating and when you’re supposed to be exercising.

Motivation Theory: There are two major types of motivation, intrinsic motivation and extrinsic. Know what the two kinds are and how to use them for motivation. People that focus on intrinsic motivation don’t need everything to go their way to keep on track. They will be motivated from factors inside themselves. Extrinsic motivation is motivation that comes from the results you’ll see or what people will think of you. Self motivation can come from both of them. Look into yourself and focus on what keeps you enthusiastic about your goals.

Rewards: Keeping yourself motivated is easier with a little bit of incentive in your new plan. Every time you meet a goal you can give yourself a reward. That will help you push through every step on the way. Maybe you’d like a new pair of pants when you drop a couple inches off the waist. Maybe you’d prefer a movie. Find what keeps you excited and use it to your advantage.

Examples: Fitness goals are often easier when you have an example of a person you’d like to be. It can be a celebrity or a friend. Just make sure it’s someone that focuses on the importance of their health. Follow through with what your example does whenever you start to doubt yourself.

Stay Informed: When you’re committed to getting started on any weight loss plan you need to stay as informed as possible. Know what diet and workout plan will work for you. Learn every detail that you can to ensure you make the best possible decisions are made for you.

Change It Up: Don’t only do the workouts that you hate to do, day in and day out. If you think you’re close to giving up then you should make some time to do something you enjoy. Many activities can be set up to help you achieve your weight loss goals while you enjoy yourself.



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Tsvetan Petrov the owner of the famous health and fitness website Get Holistic Health