102-Year-Old Frenchman Breaks Own Cycling World Record, 16.7 miles In One hour (Video)

Robert Marchand, a 102-year-old Frenchman broke his own world record in the over-100s category Friday, riding 16.7 miles in one hour. Breaking his old record that he set 2 years prior.

A 102 year-old French cyclist has beaten his own world record after cycling nearly 27 kilometres in an hour. When Robert Marchand was born, the Titanic was still afloat and the Tour de France was a mere eight years old, but nonetheless the former fireman easily beat his own record of just over 24 kilometres, set in 2012. Though Friday’s performance was enough to see him keep his crown in the over-100s category, Marchand told journalists after the feat that he had not been performing at his best. “Not that you have to believe me, but I wasn’t really on top form, I wasn’t really on top form. I was only at 90 percent of my ability,” he said before eyeing up the world record for cycling at the age of 150. “It’s just a hypothesis but if I lived to 150, I would still cycle and I’d beat another record that a man of 150 could still cycle.” Report by Sophie Foster.


via ITN