15 Minute Booty Blaster Workout: Glutes & Thighs (Video)

rassodare-glutei copy

Looking to tighten up your lower body? This workout is roughly about 15 minutes that will help sculpt your lower body while adding more curves to your butt and firming and thinning the thighs at the same time. Perform it as its own or with another upper body workout for a full body workout.

The Workout

Begin with a five minute light cardio workout. Skipping, jogging or jumping jacks are suitable. You will perform each exercise as indicated, doing the number of reps mentioned. For for the last two exercises, you will do a superset, which is where you will pair two exercises back to back with no rest in between. Once both exercises are completed, then rest before completing again.

Since you will shooting to lift as heavy as possible, you’ll be using longer rest periods in between most lifts to allow for good recovery. Use roughly 90 second rest periods for the first three exercises and then 30 seconds of rest between the last two exercises.


Barbell Squat


Barbell Deadlift


Dumbbell Lunges


Seated Machine Leg Extensions


Lying Leg Curls