15 Year Old Cheerleader Squats 300 Pounds (Video)

15 Year Old Cheerleader Squats 300 Pounds (Video)

In the footage, which has spread across social media, the 15-year-old schoolgirl, from Mesa in Arizona, can be seen squatting 300lbs. The footage has been shared by sports networks such as ESPN impressed by her incredible talent. Patricia, who studies at Desert Ridge High School, is part of the cheer squad which has been crowned State Champions for the past two years.

Do you even lift, bro? Well, this 15-year-old cheerleader does and she can squat 300 lbs!

Patricia Ballesteros is a sophomore and cheerleader at Desert Ridge High School in Mesa, Arizona. This video of her squatting the massive weight has been making the internet rounds this week, and it’s even been showcased on ESPN.

According to the Daily Mail, Ballesteros puts the time into the weight room to strengthen her legs, which gives her an advantage during lifting-heavy routines. It looks like the iron pumping has paid off: The Desert Ridge High School cheer squad has won the State championship for the past two years.

Ballesteros isn’t the only strong lady making recent headlines. Crossfit athlete Darian Sperry left people speechless when a GIF of her lifting 180 pounds went viral. Sperry is 5’1″ and weighs less than 130 pounds.

Badass women like Ballesteros and Sperry are helping break the stereotype that lifting is a boys’ club. So think twice before you scoff at a lady in the weight room at the gym. She might be able to use her legs as a deadly weapon.

via Daily Dot