3 Reasons Why Smoking is Bad For Your Health



Whether you’re a smoker or not, it’s an undeniable fact that everyone knows that smoking is dangerous for their health. It’s true. Smoking is dangerous so why does people still continue to smoke? It doesn’t seem to make any sense that despite knowing it’s dangerous, people doesn’t seem to care at all. You may know it is bad for your health but do you really know how dangerous it is? Do you really know what it does to you? If you don’t, you can simply check the following:

It causes bad breath

Have you ever experience talking to someone who is outrageously attractive that you ended up falling for him or her at first sight? They’re attractive enough that they even completed your checklist for your dream partner. Then suddenly, you found out that their breath stinks? It’s such a waste right?

One of the main side effects of smoking is that it makes your breath stinks. This is because of the substances that smoking leaves in your mouth, throat and also your lungs every time you puff from your cigarette.

Causes aging

Since Nicotine is present in the production of cigarettes, it causes the blood vessels to slow down. Because of this, the distribution of different types of nutrients and vitamins in your body slows down too. And once this happens, it causes your skin to sag and wrinkle because of the lack of oxygen. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Weak immune system

Are you aware of the fact that every time you smoke there are over 400 chemicals that you put into your body? Now that you know this, do you think that this amount of chemicals isn’t going to be harmful for your body? Each and every one of these chemicals is harmful. If you take them on a daily basis, there’s a huge possibility that you’re one step closer to a sickness. You might not only be a step closer to suffering from any kind of sickness but it also affects your immune system. You might not be able to feel it within a short amount of time but in the long run, you’ll feel your immune system weakens.

With all these, you just had an idea of how dangerous smoking is for you. It’s not only a simple bad habit. It’s a kind of bad habit that could result to an addiction. Once this became an addiction, you need to start taking action. It would even be better if you could start taking action when it’s still not an addiction. You wouldn’t want to stop when it’s already too late for you, right? While it’s still early, you could go to any recovery house near you and make sure to ask them the best addiction treatment that fits your situation.


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Marinelli Aribon’s first encounter with addiction was watching Meg Ryan & Andy Garcia in When a Man Loves a Woman when she was in her teens. This movie has moved her so much she considers her work for PIN Agency serendipitous as it allows her to share the best advice about sober living from CasaNuevoVida.com