4 Minute Push Up Challenge To Test Your Strength

push ups


Humans often gravitate to challenges; the challenge here is to perform 100 push-ups in just 4 minutes. The push-up, or press up in some countries, will test strength, stability, and endurance. This exercise movement challenges the muscles, the chest, legs, and arms. This test may seem that it’s simple, but just remember you count within the 4 minutes; you may get closer next time around!


The Test

  • Start the test in the up position
  • Before your first decent is when you should start the timer
  • A correct and accountable push-up is all the way down where you elbow is at a 90-degree angle. The core should be locked as you move up and down with every rep.
  • You may need to stop, but the clock doesn’t!
  • If the position of your body falters in anyway, that rep doesn’t count.
  • When the time runs out you should record your score.


Tips on Correct Form

  • Push-ups should be taken seriously, with your entire body involved. Start the form by lying on your stomach with your hands shoulder-width apart. Try and complete these push-ups in a place where you’re most comfortable; you should remain barefoot because the push-up also provides great dorsiflexion for the big toe and ankle.
  • Place your feet together and squeeze your ankles against each other. Posteriorly rotate your pelvis by tightening your abs, while pressing your hips to the floor.
  • Press the heels of your hands into the ground; this activates your triceps. At this point your whole body should be engaged. Press your body up until your elbows are fully-extended and your scapulae protracts around your ribcage.
  • While in the top position your shoulder should be internally rotated so that your elbow faces forward. When lowering yourself, you should remain under control while keeping your elbows closest to your body as possible.


A Bit of Advice

  • It is best to stay at a steady pace. Pushing yourself in the beginning can be a natural response, but I warn you to keep steady so you do not become fatigue early-on.
  • When you feel your body slowing down you may want to rest for 15 second for a quick breather; then you can start again. You may become more tired before time is up, which will require your body to want to take more breaks. It is okay to take breaks, but when the 15 seconds are up you should try and bang out smaller sets as fast as possible.
  • It is also correct form to perform the push-ups on your knuckles, if your wrists begin to cause you pain.


Complete each rep

Increase Your Score with These 3 Steps

1. Train on proper push-ups every 3 days and hit the 4-minute test every two weeks. The more often you practice, the better you will perform.

2. Try reducing your body fat and add push-ups into your training routine; this will improve your score for the next test.

3. The Push-Up Warrior App is a useful tool that will demonstrate over 120 push-up variations. Try alternate ways that may be a bit more comfortable for you, in order to reach that high score.