4 Simple Tricks To Boost Immunity



In the entire world, each and everyone would like to be healthy and free from illnesses and diseases. Research has shown that doing simple exercises everyday have got boosting powers which may help you stay healthy as well as happier all through. You should therefore offer your immune system this boost and just try them today. The following are some of the simple tricks to boost immunity in yourself or others.


1. Rest, Meditation and Relaxation

You are supposed to get enough sleep in order for you to be able to maintain a good health of the immune system. If you fail to have enough sleep, you may suffer from the sleep disorders such as insomnia. Lack of sleep will also make the everyday stresses to be more aggravating thereby making your body to be in stress-resistance mode. This will further sap your energy as well as prevent you from being alert and focusing. Sleep deprivation lowers the T-cells counts that are responsible for warding off the flu and cold viruses.

Your body utilizes sleep in order to recharge. You should therefore give your body enough time so as to regroup from all the activities of the day by taking time out just for meditation or relaxation. This will help you to clear your mind from all the stresses of the day. You may even reduce the volume of your radio or TV or just turn off completely the entire noise. You should follow a constant nighttime routine in order to assist your body to rest.


2. Fuel Vital Organs with a lot of water

Water is very important and plays a major role in maintaining your immune system healthy. The human body is mostly made of water and therefore proper hydration improves the blood flow. This allows your body to offer oxygen-rich blood to the vital organs as well as help to flush out the toxins. Water is required for proper functioning of the kidney which is responsible for eliminating the toxins and waste from the beverages and foods that you ingest. You should not over-hydrate your kidneys. Water also keeps your skin healthy and regulates the body temperature.


3. Eat a Good Nutrient-Rich and Balanced Diet

Minerals and vitamins are very important for great hair and skin, vital organ functioning, bone health and many others including the immune health. The immune-boosting foods that are highly regarded are none others but the vegetables as well as fruits. Vegetables and fruits are low in calories but they are packed with nutrients and fiber which your body requires so as to ward off the diseases. Eating a good diet filled with vegetables and fruits strengthen the immune system as well as maintain a healthy weight.


4. Regular Moderate Exercise

Doing exercises have been very important just like adequate rest. This means that in order to make your immune system fight cold, you have to exercise regularly. Simple things such as yoga or walking, fun activities like tennis or zumba are also exercises. You can just try various things and see what you will enjoy most.



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This post has been written by Anne Prantel. She loves to write about various aspects of Health and Fitness. She recommends Sensual Tantaric Massage for achieving greater health benefits.