5 Amazing Foods to Build Muscle and Improve Health



Unfortunately, it’s not possible to build amazing muscles on a diet of fizzy pop and Doritos and if it were we’d never have to go to the gym again. A smart diet is one of the building blocks to not only great health but also building muscle mass. So, let’s delve deep into the body and take a look at some of the foods that really help build that muscle.


An obvious one, yes, but also one of the best foods in existence for building muscle. The protein in eggs supports your body’s protein requirement more than any other food – in essence, this means that on a calorie basis eggs are the best source for muscle building. However, the yolk is a must have part of the egg if using it for muscle building – it contains B12 – the vitamin that helps break down the fat and is good for muscle contraction. It’s also full of riboflavin, folate, vitamins B6, B12, D, and E, and iron, phosphorus, and zinc.


Almonds have the highest level of alpha-tocopherol vitamin E of any food – an antioxidant used by muscles to prevent damage after exercise. This improves recovery times and helps muscles grow. At detox-fit.com we’d suggest that you only need around two handfuls of these nuts a day to stay healthy and this much should also help you from piling on the pounds according to Toronto University studies.  Almonds are also great for the brain and two handfuls a day significantly reduce the chance of Alzheimer’s disease.


Full of Omega 3 and fatty acids as well as quality protein, salmon swims its way onto the list. Salmon helps improve recovery times and also decreases muscle breakdown thanks to the high levels of Omega 3. Salmon jerky is a great food to eat after the gym and keeps for months and even years, so you will have no time limit on eating it. Salmon also reduces diabetes and heart disease and helps increase insulin resistance.


Beef is very rich in both iron and zinc and is the major food source for creatine and has 2g for 16 ounces of meat. Loins and rounds are the best as they’ve a lower fat content than many other parts of the meat – though they do have to be cooked for longer to ensure they are tender. Beed is also full of selenium, which supposedly helps fight prostate cancer.


Coffee or caffeine can help with repetitions for a workout. Supposedly, a couple of cups a few hours before a workout can help a person workout for almost ten percent longer – that’s an important amount if you really want to push yourself. It’s ideal for anaerobic exercises such as sprinting and can help with reps and runs. However, if you do have high blood pressures don’t have a cup of Joe beforehand. In addition, coffee can help reduce Parkinson’s by as much as 30 per cent.

These are some fantastic foods that can really help cut down on fat, build muscle and keep you going and healthier for longer.