5 Daily Tips For Getting Nice Flat Abs!



Flat abs is an imagination of all girls and women but some are junk eaters and some came from mommy journey and missing their bodies real shape. But ladies don’t worry for your fat tummy because you can get your flat abs back by taking these five steps. I am not saying these are easy but they are manageable for every girl or woman who desires to wear its bikini in summer holidays.

Workout for Healthy Start:

Abs muscles need toning because after eating fat or delivery our skin got lose and only trying to eat less is not the solution for that lose muscles and skin. Start your day by doing some inner muscle toning workouts like lay down and pull up your head exercise. It will start trimming your belly.

Breakfast should be taken:

Breakfast is a first meal of the day and after 8-10 hours sleep you are refueling yourself. So eat healthy dairy product, like fresh milk with low fat and some oat meal, boiled egg, or fresh fruit juice. Remember that eating healthy makes you fit and over eating makes you fat.

Avoid Gassy Foods:

Some foods make gas problem or create bloating. Avoid these foods because they create difficulty in muscle flexibility and skin tightening. Foods which are salty, fried, spicy, soda beverages, artificial sweetener, too much fruits intake, or gassy veggies like broccoli should be avoided.

Calories intake:

UK Department of Health Estimated Average Requirements (EAR) is a daily calorie intake of 1940 calories per day for women and 2550 for men. But it`s also depend on our life style too that how we consume that calories intake. Reduce your calories intake by swapping some junks to healthy foods which makes approximately 500 calories cut and will makes 1lb loss in a week. Make yourself full with healthy and low calorie stuff. Losing some pounds makes a positive effect on your abs.

Cardio Training:

To melt fat faster is only possible if you also do some cardio training too. It’s time to get serious because according to metabolic experts after the age of 30 our metabolism start slowing down and it`s become more difficult to reduce body fat by just changing diet and no cardio. High-intensity exercise burns calories fastest but maintain balance ratio for all body not on just your abs.