5 Great Workout Apps For iPhones



More and more, people seem to be integrating technology and exercise, as the mobile phone market offers various perks for our health and fitness efforts, with free apps designed to keep us healthy. Even just a few years ago, the only real way in which mobile devices affected our workouts was that we could use them to listen to music while going for a run or lifting weights. But now, simply by bringing your Verizon Wireless iPhone to the gym with you, you can enjoy a whole new set of tips, advice, and tracking methods for your workouts.

So with this in mind, here are our picks for the 5 best iOS apps, not for diet or fitness, but specifically for improving your workouts.

1. Kettlebell Training: The Basics

Kettlebell training originated over 300 years ago in Russia, and has been used to train both soldiers and athletes ever since. In the United States, it’s making a bit of a comeback, and now kettlebells are showing up in mainstream gyms like Gold’s. With this app, you can introduce yourself to a number of basic techniques and exercises using these tools to diversify your workout. Many who start kettlebell training swear by it as an effective way to build lean muscle.

2. GAIN Fitness

This is essentially an audio workout coaching app that helps you to track workouts and move at an effective pace while you’re exercising. The app keeps your workout schedule, tracks reps and sets, and can even time your exercises to keep you on track.

3. Touchfit: GSP

GSP is Georges St. Pierre, a former MMA champion and, in this app, a muscle workout coach. What separates this app, however, isn’t his expertise, but the idea of personalizing different exercises. After an initial test in which you’ll determine how difficult certain workouts are for you, the app will set you on a pace to improve, coaching you through what amounts to a customized routine.

4. Runmeter PRO

There are plenty of apps out there for tracking runs, but it’s hard to find one as smooth as Runmeter PRO. The app will track the pace and distance, not only of your runs, but of cycling, walks, and other cardio activities. The app can be used to track progress, record stats, and even provide digital audio coaching for your exercise.

5. Daily Ab Workout FREE

Since abs are such a popular target for the average workout, this app is well worth mentioning on the list. It provides you with various demos for different ways to exercise your abs, and provides you with a 5-10 minute daily workout to keep you on a strong routine.