5 Odd Exercises That Yield Impressive Results (Video)

5 Odd Exercises That Yield Impressive Results


Getting in daily exercises will always be a part of staying in shape, but some people want to steer clear of boring treadmills and push-ups. Many may even be surprised to hear about some of the odd routines and exercise movements that produce real results, so here are five odd exercise options that really work.


1. Superman

Laying on one’s stomach and lifting their arms and legs off the ground doesn’t seem like a difficult exercise, but it can mean all the difference between healthy progress and injuries. Lower back injuries are especially prevalent for those that exercise often, and this movement is designed to strengthen the core muscles around the midsection including the lower back. This is a great exercise to perform at the end of your workouts to keep your back limber.  Hold the position for 5-10 seconds, relax and then repeat.


2. Rowing

For many, heading into the gym in order to hop onto a rowing machine is going to be a rare occurrence, but few exercises are as effective as this one. Rowing can be done as either muscle-building exercise or as an alternative to the cardio component of a workout. In order to change between strength and cardio, the tension or resistance of the machine can be changed to higher or lower settings. Or, if you prefer the great outdoors, you can always get the same exercise by joining a crew team!


3. Bikram Yoga

In this day and age, yoga can hardly be classified as an odd exercise, but Bikram yoga is one variation that not many health enthusiasts have given a try. Also referred to as hot yoga, this is a series of movements and breathing techniques that is carried out in a training area set at 100 degrees or higher.  While it can be a great help for everything from arthritis to diabetes, it can put extra stress on your body.  If you aren’t sure if you can handle this challenging exercise, you should speak to a family doctor in Winter Haven to see if this workout is right for you.


4. Suspension Training

Suspension training is carried out on suspension straps or ropes that are hung from a stable anchor on the roof or walls. When performing any movements on the straps, the individual will engage thousands of stabilizing muscles in addition to the primary muscle groups that they are working out. The straps can help you access and strengthen normally unused muscles.


5. Trampolines

While you may be used to thinking of a trampoline as a fun backyard entertainment for children, it can actually also help provide you an excellent workout. Trampoline gyms have begun to pop up around the world, and this is partly due to the effective workout that they give. Whether it is running sprints or engaging in a group class, those training on a trampoline will find themselves working muscles up and down their body including hip flexors, their core, and even their shoulders.

By varying your exercise routine, its likely you’ll find yourself sticking to your goals for a much longer period of time in order to enjoy a healthier and happier life in the coming years. If you find yourself bored with your normal exercise regimen, try out one of these somewhat odd, but definitely effective exercises.