Jump Rope Benefits

Jump Rope Benefits

A lean, slim and smart body is everyone’s dream and the quickest route to a well-built body is cardio exercises. But the treadmill, bike or step mills are not a convenient option for everyone. So where do you turn to if all of other cardio workout options fall short? The answer is short and simple. Your jump rope will never serve you better. Grab it and out you go to perform the simplest, yet one of the most beneficial exercises ever.

Though jumping roping should not be your only route to a leaner body, but it can be integrated to add versatility and grace to your workout routine. Here are a few reasons why rope jumping makes up for an essential workout tool:

1. It speeds up fat burning process:
Rope jumping is an essential form of cardiovascular exercise and when continued for longer periods it helps to burn huge number of calories. By varying your rope jumping training workouts you can easily build better muscles and exercise both upper and lower muscle fibers. This in turn aids in burning higher number of calories in short amount of time. A weighted rope especially gives the benefit of high intensity workout with short interval sets.

2. It enhances overall workout performance:
Rope jumping is an excellent method to augment your athletic capabilities. It not only boosts hand and foot coordination but also increases strength, gives improved swiftness, enhances agility and gives extra athletic balance. At both competition level and for fitness purpose rope jumping is the most flexible method of training tool. The world renowned boxers have a history of mastery in rope jumping. Famous examples are Mike Tyson, Floyd Maryweather, Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. Research shows that most of the star athletes make avid use of the jump rope to reap its innumerous performance benefits.

3. It is convenient:
The superior ease and convenience of jump rope is what makes it an invaluable exercise tool. Its easy portability option and one time incurred budgeted cost gives it the advantage of being a better and more expedient exercise option compared to other cardio equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes or elliptical trainers which can prove to be quite expensive in the long run.

4. It is a challenging talent:
Not everyone can master the art of rope jumping. You can easily get on any machine but learning to jump rope will take time, practice and perseverance. Though the initial input is difficult, the ultimate result gives a very satisfying feeling of having mastered a real talent. Since rope jumping requires skill, it keeps your concentration and interest retained and therefore provides additional benefit over other monotonous forms of exercises such as treadmill or elliptical trainers.

5. It can be adapted to give a multipurpose cardio workout:
A simple rope jumping session cannot help to achieve training goals as quickly as when integrated between or with other high intensity exercises such as Tabata routine. To attain maximum training benefits, rope jumping can easily be incorporated in any exercise routine without lengthening or disrupting any workout session.

Considerations when selecting a rope:
With the mass number of options available when hunting for a jumping rope, you can easily be misguided or confused. The key point to remember is that lighter ropes are more challenging to learn than heavier ropes and are therefore, impractical for beginners. Extremely thin and quick ropes and cotton ropes are also unsuitable for first time users. PVC ropes with an echoing weight and bang are really an ideal option for new rope jumpers as it can help users to adapt to the rhythmic movements easily and what’s more they don’t really cost more than $10-20.