5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Looks Without Spending a Fortune


5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Looks Without Spending a Fortune


Most people spend at least a little time wondering how they can improve their looks. Unfortunately, they frequently over-think the subject by only considering expensive and complicated options such as plastic surgery. However, several ways exist for you to give your looks a boost without going under the knife or breaking the bank by indulging in expensive spa treatments.

Make Your Own Face Masks

The most effective face masks contain ingredients that can be found in your own kitchen. Honey, for instance, is one of the best things that you can put on your skin. Plenty of recipes exist for homemade face masks for a variety of skin types and conditions.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Smile

No matter how perfect your body, skin and hair are, no one will find you attractive if your teeth are not up to par. To amp up your smile,  Dr. Robert Stoner Dentistry has simple whitening treatments that can work wonders on dingy, yellow teeth and make a huge difference in your appearance. If you’ve got broken or even missing teeth, having that situation remedied will be well worth it.

Get a Good Haircut

The right haircut can make an otherwise plain Jane into a dishy diva. Paying a bit extra at the salon for the services of a talent stylist can be an excellent investment. Finding a good stylist is as simple as asking a person whose hair you admire and find out where she gets it done.

Get Enough Exercise

No amount of expensive makeup can compare with the glow that an optimal amount of exercise will give your skin. An expensive gym membership isn’t necessary to achieve this look; a walk around a gorgeous park or other green space is free and has the added benefit of being a natural mood enhancer.

Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables

If you’ve ever wished that you could find a magic pill that will improve your looks, you’ve already got that in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Your grandmother was right when she told you that they would add a pink glow to your cheeks. They also taste wonderful.


These are just a few of the ways that you can improve your physical appearance without shelling out substantial sums of cash. They are all simple ways, but as Sherlock Holmes has always claimed, the simplest answer to any riddle is almost always the right one.