5 Ways To Beat Any Unhealthy Addiction in Your Life



Addictions can ruin entire lives and negatively impact friends and family. The addiction will eventually destroy finances, health and relationships. Taking the necessary steps to stop abusing a substance is never easy. It requires persistence and hard work. There are five ways to beat an unhealthy addiction.

Avoid Triggers

Anyone dealing with an addiction will need to identify and then avoid or remove any triggers. Any number of things could be a trigger such as severe stress from a relationship, the actions of a friend or even a particular location. Triggers will create an overwhelming desire to return to the addiction. Avoiding triggers will prevent some destructive urges.

Find Constructive Activities

Distraction is a way to beat an unhealthy addiction. It is important to find constructive, enjoyable and distracting activities that can substitute for the addiction. Running, building models or reading can all take the mind off drinking or doing drugs. Making constructive activities part of a daily routine can help to stop cravings in the future.

Break Old Patterns

Some addictive urges become entwined with a normal pattern of behavior. The addiction becomes a part of the routine when coming home from work, going out to eat or talking to friends. It is important to break old patterns that included doing drugs or drinking. This might mean taking different routes home or spending time outside instead of sitting in a bedroom after work.

Find Support

Breaking an unhealthy addiction is very difficult. It is essential to find support when going through the process. Many support groups and treatment centers are available for everything from opiate addiction to alcohol abuse. Talking to counselors, psychologists or even other people who have recovered from addiction can provide the encouragement and insight necessary to break a cycle of substance abuse.

Focus On the Moment

Something that derails many people who attempt to beat an addiction is long-term thoughts of struggling with a substance. An effective way to help break an addiction is to focus only on the moment. This means choosing not to take opiates or drink from minute to minute and hour to hour without worrying about the next day. Focusing on the moment can help a person to remain clean for years or longer.

Recovering from addiction is a process that can last for years or an entire lifetime. Most addicts are never free from occasional urges to return to the unhealthy addiction. It is important to develop personal strategies, friendships and support networks that will last for a long time.