6 At Home Workouts That’ll Help You Calm Down When You’re Stressed (Video)



Exercise floods your body with feel-good endorphins and helps you calm down quickly. Fifteen percent of Americans have gym memberships to combat stress. But with the average plan costing about $55, it’s an expensive way to relax. Read on to discover six great ways to work out and calm down from the comfort of your home.

Lunges Work the Lower Body

People often turn to drugs and alcohol to combat the pressures of everyday life. If you’ve gone down this path, remember the importance of nutrition and exercise in recovery. Lunges are a great addition to any at-home workout program, whether you’re battling addiction or simply looking to tone up.

Just step forward and lower your hips until your knees are bent at 90 degrees. Your front knee should be directly above your ankle and your back kept straight. Hold the position for one to five seconds before lunging with the other foot forward. Regular lunges are a great lower-body workout, but you can hold a dinner plate above your head or small dumbbells by your sides for an extra challenge.


Change it Up with Curtsy Squats

We’ve all heard of traditional squats, but you can add some variety to your workout with curtsy squats. Start in a relaxed standing position, with your legs comfortably apart. Bring your right leg behind, as if to curtsy, before squatting as low to the ground as you can. Hold the position for five seconds before standing up and mirroring the pose with your other leg. This exercise will tone your glutes and legs, but hop into position if you’re looking for a greater challenge.



Push-ups Continue to Get Results

You probably learned how to do push-ups in middle school, but that doesn’t mean they’re just child’s play. Generations of kids are taught these exercises because they get results. Familiarity can make people lazy, though, so pay attention to your form. Don’t arch your back or let your pelvis drop, keeping your hands underneath your chest.

Challenge yourself to complete as many push-ups as you can in an allotted time or complete more than you did during your last workout session. Push-ups are best for working the chest muscles, but you’ll also feel them in your core, upper arms, shoulders, and spine.



Grab Your Skipping Rope

It just takes a rope and a little open space to enjoy the benefits of skipping. A 10-minute workout can burn 135 calories! Jump just an inch or two off the floor, and keep your elbows close to your sides. You should use your wrists and forearms to turn the rope, not your shoulders. There’s no need for tricks, but they can make your workout much more fun.



Do Yoga with Glute Bridge

Fitness fanatics might disparage yoga, insisting that it’s “just stretching,” but the glute bridge should make them change their tune. This yoga-inspired exercise is a great introduction to the difficulty of yoga’s slow, controlled movements.

Lie on your back with your knees bent up and your feet hip-width apart and flat to the floor. Contract your abs to ensure your lower back sinks deep into the floor. You should aim to keep this muscle tight throughout the exercise. Gently breathe out and lift your hips a little off the floor. Don’t go high enough for your back to arch, but you should feel the stretch. Hold the position before breathing out and slowly lowering your body back to the floor. Repeat the exercise several times to work your abs, buttocks, and hips.



Channel Your Inner Superhero with Supermans

You’ll feel like a superhero as you wind down your at-home workout, so it’s only fitting that you end it with an exercise known as a Superman. Do your best impersonation of the Man of Steel as you lie on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out. Use your abs and core to stabilize your spine as you lift your arms and legs a few inches off the floor. Your head should be level with your spine and your back should be straight. Hold the position for a few seconds before relaxing back to your starting position. Supermans are perfect for working out your back, butt, hips, and shoulders.

So why spend hundreds every year on a gym membership? You can get all the benefits without the bill with these at-home workouts.