6 Biggest Bodybuilding Myths Revealed!



The focus on fulfilling the bodybuilding nutrition is imperative, regardless of your level of involvement. However, beginners often receive wrong advices from culturists that may affect the progress or lead them do some unnecessary things. Below are some of those common myths, if you haven’t heard of them before, it is recommended to note them so that you can incorporate the positive ones into your workout and avoid letting the negative myths affect you.

1. Big Muscles let you set back: Muscles play a significant role in every moment of the body from the blinking of eyes to moving of several kilograms. However, this myth represents the more your muscle weight is, the slower you are. On the other side, in many sports like baseball or football, athletes have realized that more muscles means more power.

2. To grow muscles, you need to change the type of exercise constantly: This myth is might be from the source which does not understand the muscle growth process. Muscles tend to understand four movements only and they are pull, push, extend and contract. They do not grow by changing the type of exercise but by the duration of the exercise performed.

3. You have to be strong to get big muscles: People even with an equal amount of muscle mass vary in strength from each other. Whether to do with the twitch muscle ratios or with the efficiency of nerve pathways, you have to be stronger to lift heavy weight.

4. Fast Workouts are essential for muscle shaping and slow for muscle mass growth:  The idea that one type of exercise makes the muscle grow and the other type makes it different is completely wrong. The muscle shape can be given by two characteristics either by the size of the muscles or the quantity of body fat. Hence, if you wish better shaped muscles, it is imperative to do more exercise and reduce the fat weight. You can do any cardio activity to burn calories. Slow practice session is good for increasing muscular weight while different activities like running, cycling and any other cardio activity is good for losing fat.

5. Muscle mass start lessening after 48 hours: This myth states that you should go to the gym at least twice per day because the body starts loosing the muscles after 48 hours. However many bodybuilding experts told that muscles remains the same even the person stay for 1000 hours at home.

6. Before training consuming food high in sugar provides extra energy to sustain workouts: Eating sugar rich food items before training provides energy boost to the muscles. However, it is important to make sure that it actually helping you in your workouts and not serve as a hindrance. This is because a spurt in sugar may also slow down muscular activity in some people.  For those seeking enhanced strength, power and lean muscles can also try Testo Extreme Anabolic supplement. It delivers an extreme testosterone with the help of scientifically backed anabolic catalysts and nutrients.



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