6 Cardio Exercises For People With Bad Knees

bad knee cardio


Cardiovascular exercises are fantastic to include in any workout program. However, some of them can be incredibly painful for people that have bad knees. This leads to a lot of people who are suffering with knee injury to give up on cardio altogether. Mainly because they feel forced into giving up in order to prevent further injury to their already bad knees. But this doesn’t have to be the way it is. There are plenty of cardio exercises that people with bad knees can easily do, that won’t cause any further injury to bad knees. Read on to find out what these exercises are.



Cycling is a great exercise for people with bad knees as it offers a challenging workout, without putting any strain on the knees. It’s also a fantastic form of cardio as it really helps to build up endurance and strength and it can be done both indoors and outdoors.

Using an elliptical machine, is a great alternative for those that like to run. This is because elliptical machines mimic running, but don’t place any impact on the knees like running does. It’s a low-impact exercise that uses both the arms and legs, and will deliver much the same results as running does. Even if you aren’t a fan of running the chances are—you will love the elliptical.

Kayaking is a form of cardio that people with bad knees don’t really consider as an option. Largely because it’s a bit of an abstract suggestion. However, it offers a great workout for those with bad knees as it doesn’t involve the use of the legs at all, meaning that no strain will be placed on the knees. But be warned, kayaking can be a pretty intense form of cardio for those that haven’t done an upper body cardio workout before.

Swimming is probably the most highly recommended cardio exercise for people with bad knees. It’s low-impact, versatile and burns a high number of calories each workout. Yet, proper form is vital when you have a knee injury, especially when it comes to kicking. Therefore before you start swimming you should ensure that you have mastered perfect form.
Upper Body Ergometer

The upper body ergometer is that piece of equipment you have seen in your gym that looks a little strange because it’s entirely for the upper body. Yet, it is because it is for the upper body that it makes it a great form of cardio for those with bad knees. Give the upper body ergometer a go and you will soon realize why it’s such a fantastic form of cardio.
Speed Walking

Whilst running and jogging both place strain on the knees, speed walking does not due to it being an extremely low-impact form of cardio. But despite, it being very low-impact if you have a bad knee/bad knees it’s best to stick to flat surfaces and avoid going down steep inclines.



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