6 Instant Ways to Eliminate Calories Without Hitting the Gym

6 Instant Ways to Eliminate Calories without Hitting the Gym

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Most people mistakenly assume that the only way to cut back on calories is to hit the gym or go on a hunger strike. Although it’s true that exercise and dieting are essential keys to shedding excess pounds, there are also a number of ways you can instantly eliminate calories and thus take a shortcut to achieving your ideal weight.

Put your couch potato past behind you.

It’s time to say goodbye to being a couch bum – and especially if you’ve developed the habit of snacking in front of the TV. Let’s say you spend a few hours each day watching TV. Taking an hour from your TV “workout” and converting it into a casual or brisk walk as well as joining the rest of your loved ones on the dining table during meals will result into less than 300 calories burned for the day.

Don’t go nutty!

More to the point, you need to exercise greater control over your craving for nuts. Although nuts do also offer certain benefits, too much of them becomes a drawback. More to the point, eating over three handfuls of your favorite nuts add over 500 calories to your diet. Get rid of your nutty habit and that conversely means 500 calories lost!

Restless is good!

Fidgeting may not exactly spell poise, but being restless – to the point of tapping your foot nonstop – can cause you to lose 350 calories in one day! Of course, you don’t actually have to look for something to stress about just to burn calories. You can always, you know, go for a walk?

Smaller plates are in!

Researchers all agree that smaller plates are good at deceiving human brains. Just by using a 10-inch plate instead of your usual 12-inch can actually lead up to 25% decrease of your usual intake during meals. That, by the way, also translates to a maximum of 500 calories eliminated from your everyday consumption.

Salads aren’t completely sinless.

So there you were, thinking you’ve been doing things right for years by sticking to salad. Unfortunately, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Not all salads are healthy. It can in fact be more laden with calories than your usual burger and fries meal depending on the ingredients and dressing you’ve used.

Bottom line: 500 calories can be instantly taken away from your daily caloric intake just by sticking to lower-calorie greens, one topping, and half of your usual amount of dressing.

The road to an unhealthy future is paved with desserts.

It’s true. Desserts may look beautiful and taste heavenly, but they’re guaranteed to have a hellish effect on your diet. Some desserts can even add as much as 670 calories to your diet! If you’re dying for some whipped cream, then try to be content with a small dollop of it on your espresso, which should be equivalent to approximately 30 calories only. Not bad at all, right?

As you can see, all of these tips and tricks didn’t require you to take even one step inside a fitness center. However, that doesn’t mean you can survive without exercising completely. You still need to do so but with these tips you can afford to start at a more leisurely pace and take things one day at a time. It will also help if you make use of supplements such as those based on green coffee bean extract.



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