6 Powerful Foods for Muscle Mass

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Building a healthy, strong and muscular body is the dream of every teenage boy. Sports stars and movie stars with outstanding muscular bodies are their role models. It is not easy to develop such a colossal body. It needs lot of dedication and determination. We are what we eat, hence adjusting out food habits is very important to develop a robust and muscular body. Here are six powerful food items that help to develop a powerful muscular body.


1) Eggs:



Egg is called a perfect food as it contains almost all nutrients that a person needs to stay healthy. Egg contains proteins and essential amino acids in large quantities. Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin B12 are present in large quantities in egg. Besides these Vitamins, egg also contains good fats which help to maintain good figure of your body. Proteins present in it helps to build arm muscles and make you look stronger and more powerful.


2) Almonds


Almond is regarded as a friend of heart as it contains good fats in large quantities. 8-10 nuts of almonds every day reduce risks of heart attack by 30%. Besides good fat, almonds also contain Vitamin E, which is a powerful anti oxidant. Toxins present in body affect muscles and all other internal organs severely and that weakens muscles. Almond helps to remove those toxins and helps to develop powerful muscles.


3) Fish oil:


Fish oil contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Both these fatty acids are considered to be extremely useful in keeping heart diseases at bay. Salmon is very rich in omega fatty acids and besides fighting heart diseases, these fatty acids also help to build strong muscles. So substitute your red meat with fish and other sea food.


4) Yogurt:


Some people think that yogurt has bad fat, but it is not true. As it is a milk product, it contains proteins and carbohydrates mixed in proper proportions. It is always better to have sugar free yogurt along with fruits and vegetables. After a strenuous workout, have a cup of yogurt and it replenishes your energy and you feel pumped up again.


5) Olive oil:


Everyone knows that there are two kinds of fats namely good fats and bad fats, but no one knows which fat is good and which is bad. In simple terms, all fats that stay in liquid form in room temperature are good fats and all those fats which solidify at room temperature are bad fats. In that sense, olive oil is a good fat. It is yet another important muscle building food item.


6) Water:

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You may be surprised to hear that pure water is free from calories and proteins, it is true. Lot of water is necessary to detoxify the body and detoxifying is an important step in muscle building. Besides that, certain vitamins like Vitamin B and Vitamin C needs water to get absorbed by our body. So one has to drink at least 3-4 liters of water daily to keep the body strong and fit.



Author Bio:

This post has been written by Marcus James. He loves to write about health and fitness. He recommends amazing bariatric food as a great source of proteins and vitamins.