6 Ways to Lose Belly Fat Without Going Gaga Over Exercise Routines and Dieting


People who are overweight or obese often struggle to get rid of their belly fat. It may even be a concern for people who are not otherwise obese or overweight but just have a belly that continues to protrude, and disturb their figure. As per medical explanations, belly fat happens to be the most notorious kind of fat in a human body. Apart from running the looks, the bigger waistlines are clear indicators of a body, which is inviting disease from every possible manner.

So how do you tackle it? No, crunches are not the only answer! In fact, crunches alone cannot help too much. The fact is gaining belly fat is a medical condition, which needs to be addressed seriously, so the answer can not be as simple as just crunches… Curbing the spike in cortisol levels, which are responsible for increased belly fats, can be an easy and simple thing if we follow the given 6 natural ways to lose fat around the belly.


1. Sleep for 7-8 Hours a Day

Yes, it sounds favouring and awesomely simple, but the fact is that in busy life styles like we have today, getting proper sleep often becomes a rare phenomenon. Working till late night is a very bad idea. This is the time when you have the biorhythms off and you tend to eat more. When you are tired because of too much working, your body produces ghrelin, because of which you feel like eating more fatty food. Sleep on time and sleep for 7 hours.


2. Bid Good Bye to Sugar and Use “Sugar-Free” Sweeteners

Controlling belly fat is 80 percent about eating right and healthy. Cut down on calories by eating replacement foods rich in protein, whole grains, vegetable and ditch the bad snacks and replace them with healthier ones. The perfect example would be ditching your sugar rich latte with Muscle Milk lite, which not only gives a lot of protein, but also torches away the sugar craving. Also try sprinkling cinnamon in your oatmeal or coffee in the morning. It helps in stabilizing blood sugar level. Use “sugar free” sweeteners in your tea/coffee instead of actual sugar cubes.


3. Eat Healthy Fat Food Items for Fighting Fat

Yes it takes fat to fight the fat in your body. Sugar makes you fat, but it doesn’t give you the fat your body needs. Eat the healthy fat foods like avocados, salmon and walnuts that are full of Omega 3’s. The nutrients in these foods keep your body satiated all throughout a day.


4. Human and Simple Exercises

Doing thousand crunches is crazy if you have belly fat. It will certainly give you very strong abdominal muscles but with layers of fat still all over it. Indulge in exercises that force all the muscle groups to work. Cardiovascular exercises like walking, cycling or mild jogging are few other great and effective alternatives to countless crunches.


5. Consume Vitamin C

Under a lot of stress you often secret more of cortisol hormones. These crotisol hikes in your body can be greatly controlled by Vitamin C. Apart from coming very handy when you are attacked by cold, this vitamin helps in producing carnitine, which is a compound that turns fat into fuel in your body.


6. Control Your Breath

This is something that doesn’t ask for separate time for it. If you are doing something you get uptight and tensed about, check how you breathe. Usually under a lot of stress we tend to take back-to-back shallow breaths. All you need to do is to get rid of this by controlling your belly muscles and taking normal and calmer breaths. This is as simple as it sounds but has a great effect at the end of the day.


So, just follow these tips for couple of months and see the difference yourself!



Author Bio:

Elizabeth V. Sterns works as a healthcare worker whose specialty lies in elderly homecare. For her, in order to provide quality care, client must be treated like family. This is the same vision followed by various institutions like Brightstar Care.