8 Delicious But Worst Food That Can Harm Your Health



You’re what you eat I’m sure you’ve heard that being said time and again. But have you ever taken time to analyze some of your most favorite foods to see if they’re right for your health?This article delves deeper into some 8 meals that could be jeopardizing your current and future health.

Here Is What To Avoid Eating At All Costs To Stay Healthy

1. Soda

Most brands of soda contain significant portions of acids and sugars. The acid in sodas tends to eat away the tooth enamel therefore heightening your risk of experiencing cracks, discoloration and cavities. Besides that, high contents of sugar in these drinks increase your chances of becoming diabetic. Research has also shown that too much soda may reduce the metabolic rate, making it extremely difficult for one to burn fat and lose weight.

2. Margarine

Margarine is high in trans fatty acids. These, according to the Harvard School of Public Health, do increase the risk of heart attack. Another bad fact about margarine that all lactating moms should learn more about is that too much margarine tends to lower the quality of breast milk. The trans fats in margarine also increase blood insulin levels thereby increasing the risk of diabetes.

3. rBGH or BST Milk

You’re encouraged to take lots of milk but only if this milk is pure. There are some milk brands on sale in the market that have been milked from recombinant bovine hormone (rBGH) or bovine somatotropin (BST) injected dairy cows. Be careful not to take such milk as it places you at a higher risk of getting breast cancer.

4. Noodles

Instant noodles are another popular meal that you should avoid eating at all costs. Why? Noodles contain wax which makes them quite difficult to digest. Apart from causing health disorders in digestion, they can lead to a gradual formation of cancer cells. Sodium instant noodles, which are quite popular today, may increase your risk of hypertension and stomach ulcers. Also, some seasonings used in the preparation of these delicacies contain microbial media which are harmful to your health.

5. Pork/Red Meat

While red meat is a rich source of raw materials for making uric acid, eating too much of it may lead to great health risks because of the saturated fat content in them. Pork is also a form of red meat (according to the US Department of Agriculture) and therefore should be eaten in moderation to avoid inheriting risks that are typical to overconsumption of red meat.

6. Non-organic celery

Non organic celery has in the past been fingered as containing high contents of pesticides due to its soft skin which makes it very prone to absorption of things around it. Past USDA tests have found more than sixty different pesticides on celery.That being said, it would be very unwise for you to proceed to partake of celery that has been grown inorganically as you would only be increasing your risk of suffering from health conditions associated with some popular synthetic substances used in farming. Safer alternatives to inorganic celery include radishes, broccoli and onions.

7. Canned Tomatoes

If you are one of those people who rely on canned tomatoes as the base for your dishes, then you should know that these tomatoes may not always be 100% safe to your health. Recent research shows that the lining of most cans contains a resin that leaks toxic into food. Avoid canned tomato brands that are packaged in metallic cans. You would rather buy ones in glass jars.

8. Chips

If you regularly include potato chips as part of your diet, there’s something you should know. Although chips are inexpensive and tasty, toll they take on your body may not be worthy the short-lived pleasure after all. While enjoying a once in a while handful of chips may not be dangerous to your health, there are real dangers facing those who adopt the habit of consuming chips on a daily basis. Not only are potato chips low in nutrition but also are high in fat and calories which can raise the risk of obesity. Also, the sodium content in these delicacies may cause an increase in blood pressure.

The list of foods to avoid is long and literary endless. However, the 8 foods listed above are the most dangerous ones, yet most loved ones, to avoid at all costs.



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