8 Fitness Tips for a Killer Summer Body

Since spring has now officially started, it’s time to get up and get moving. The perfect summer body doesn’t happen on its own – you need to put in a bit of effort if you want to look your best on the beach. Luckily, we got the tips to help you achieve that killer body and have a good time while doing it!

 Tip #1: Make rowing boat your new best friend

Rowing boats are the unsung heroes of the gym. If you want to find a workout that efficiently challenges your whole body at once, you need to spend some time in the rowing machine. You are not just using your legs when you work out on it; you’re also engaging your upper body and core to maintain balance and speed. So, before you start doing anything else at the gym, row for 15-minutes to warm up the body.

Tip #2: Switch your routine

Each routine has three components to it: the weight, the intensity and the volume. If you want to make the most of your workouts, you should switch your routine by changing one component from the previous workout. For example, on some days lower your weight while increasing the number of repetitions you do. On others, add weight but lower the speed at which you do the reps.

Tip #3:Increase workout by 5% each week

Don’t start with a crazy schedule that’s eventually going to wear you out. Instead, create a modest routine and start increasing the workout time by 5% each week. This might not seem like a lot, but it guarantees you slowly build a good routine and that you don’t feel overwhelmed right from the start.

Tip #4: Invest in good workout shoes

Whether you like to run, go to the gym or spend time at the court shooting hoops, you need to have the right shoes to make it work. Your shoes are the most important part of your workout gear, unless you are, of course, swimming or doing yoga. Find the correct shoes for your workout by checking the selection from brands like Nike and Adidas.

Tip #5: Have a nap

You don’t necessarily need to start sleeping at work, but you definitely need to balance your workouts with rest. When you start a tougher regime, it’s important to understand the stress it puts your body under – you will need extra time to recover and repair. If you overwork your body, it will go into a ‘shutdown’ mode and start slowing down – you won’t burn fat as quick and you won’t build muscle as efficiently. So, don’t just spend time at the gym but have the occasional nap every once in a while.

Tip #6: Ditch the refined carbs

A lean and mean body is not just about the exercises you do. You must also pay attention to how you are fuelling the body. If you want that perfect summer body, then you have to be prepared to say goodbye to one of your friends: refined carbs. Breads, cookies, chocolate, white rice, honey and so on are all on the list of foods that count as refined carbs. When you eat these foods, you spike the sugar levels in your body and it will start creating excess insulin. All that excess insulin is only going to hold on to excess fat quickly ruining your workout’s effectiveness.

Tip #7: Stock up on protein

On the other hand, you must ensure to eat enough protein. It’s an important building block for your body – those muscles won’t appear on their own. If you are working out without eating enough protein, you are essentially causing your body to break down some of the muscle it already has just to keep up with the energy requirements. You should definitely consider finding a good protein supplement and using it right after a workout. To ensure you don’t waste a lot of money buying protein, check out superdrug.com and opt for in-store brands and voucher campaigns.

Tip #8: Focus on water                           

Water is the best drink in the world and you definitely need to increase your intake when you start working out a lot. Your body will go into a permanent state of stress if it doesn’t receive enough fluids to support its functionality. However, while you need to drink a lot more, notice that we’re not talking about sports drinks and diet sodas – you need to prioritise water and forget about all the other drinks. These tend to just be about sweeteners (natural or artificial), creating more sweet cravings and spiking that insulin.

So, if you want the perfect summer body, then these are the eight tips that will help you on your journey. Just make sure to have fun and get enough rest to enjoy the benefits of workout and healthy eating.