8 Months Pregnant With Abs: Model Sarah Stage Causes Controversy On Instagram


Meet Sarah Stage: a 30-year-old Los Angeles-based model, who is currently eight months pregnant with her first child. The mama-to-be has been documenting her pregnancy on Instagram, proudly flaunting her belly. And while we applaud women for showing off their baby bumps, Stage is garnering attention for a different, eyebrow-raising reason. Oh, and did we mention her abs are still more impressive than ours, even though she’s due to give birth in less than a month.

Many on Instagram have expressed envy at Stage’s toned figure, with one user saying:”How is this possible? I wish I looked like this when I was pregnant.” But others have expressed concern that Stone’s baby bump may be unhealthily small. A picture of her in the gym while seven months pregnant has gained over 1,300 comments, many of them negative.


Images: Sarah Stage

Geeta Nargund, medical director at Create Fertility, explains the the risks of exercising while pregnant to Huffpost. She said that moderate exercise in pregnancy “is good for the woman” 
“It can help to reduce the risk of thromboembolism (clotting problems) and increase maternal circulation. But she should not continue to exercise if she feels tired or breathless,” she added.
“Excessive maternal exercise is not good for the baby because it may divert blood flow away from the placenta. Good placental circulation is necessary for normal fetal development.”
Stage has acknowledged the negative comments she’s received online, but has assured her fans that she and her baby are healthy.
“These days it’s seems like everyone has something to say, especially on social media. Most are very positive and I try to ignore any negative comments,” she toldnews.com.au.
“My doctor says the baby is healthy and that’s all that matters to us.”





via Huffington Post