8 Overlooked Exercises That Target Your Abs (Video)

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When it comes to training the abs, you have to remember that they’re indirectly involved in basically every compound or standing movement that we do, different varying degrees. Now knowing this and only depending on ab crunches and sit ups to train your mid-section properly isn’t going to cut it. Here are the 8 exercises that target your abdominal as well as other portions of your body. that you should be adding to your ab training routine, immediately.


Plate Transfer Plank


Hanging Leg Raises


Suitcase Deadlift




Overhead Squats

Pull Ups

Standing Press



It’s Also About The Diet

Eat clean meals that are high in protein, and low in carbs to help your attain that desired mid section. Keep sugars to a minimum and avoid sweet drinks. These controlling factors will help get that mid section you’ve been dying to have!