8 Tips To Make Your Workout More Productive

8 Tips To Make Your Workout More Productive

For people who take fitness exercise seriously, visits to the gym are permanent fixtures on their diaries. After observing these people for a long time you may be astonished that many of them have surprisingly made little or no noticeable progress despite their efforts. This lack of progress is common in many gyms and you cannot help but wonder why. The reason behind this failure to progress can be summarized in one simple sentence; blanket training procedures are like ignorant people training their peers. When it’s all said and done, everybody has had some physical exercise but few have had exercises that suit their particular situation. In this article you shall learn eight tips that could revolutionize your training routine.

Build up strength and be proud of your achievement

In order to improve a person’s skill, the person has to train religiously. However, with constant training a person runs the risk of stagnation. This is because the effect of fitness exercise reduces over time as the body gets acclimatized to the fitness training. In order to avoid stagnation and plateau phases, a person needs to adopt specialized training procedures. The key here is to have a mixture of strength training as well as endurance training. With such a training procedure, you will be able to consistently display increasing maximum strength without stagnating.

Extended ROM presses

Most of the time people make use of numerous pressing techniques which do not involve utilizing the complete range of motion (ROM). Although this technique also produces visible results, it is important to include extended range of motion exercise.

Presses involving band-assisted and band-resisted exercise

Both these presses have differing ways in which they strengthen and overload lockout portions of bench presses. Band-assisted presses improve peoples’ ability to move into the lockout portion from the middle portion. This is a neuromuscular issue although people often confuse it with triceps weakness. The movement improves a person’s neuromuscular behavior thus enabling him to handle heavier loads.

Carefully work to improve on your weaknesses

When people find that they have a weakness, they often throw everything they have into fixing the weakness. It is however unwise to do this because concentrating all your efforts on specific exercises might end up not paying off. This is often the case and many people have no idea what could cause the failure. The main reason for failing to improve your weakness is fatigue. Spending too much time correcting a perceived weakness eventually fatigues the weak muscles impeding their development. As a result the eventual performance may be worse than it was when you started.

The ‘soft pause’ technique

When people are doing repetitive exercises, many of them often lift weights with jerking motions. In a bench press, for instance, a person may lower the weight quickly to the chest and bounce it up as quickly as possible. This often leads to little or no progress as you have not taken your muscles through the full progression. It is therefore important to take things slow for maximum gain.

The induction technique

When doing bench presses, instead of letting gravity do the work, you should try to pull the bar apart and down. This creates tension in the back and biceps therefore ensuring that you build strength both when lifting and lowering the bar.

Greasing the groove

Most people during their warm up quickly rack up a certain load and continue to quickly do several reps to get the muscles fired up. This however does not give a person adequate time to perfect his movements. Every time a person presses he should take time to learn the proper technique in order to make the most of a workout. Carefully calculated reps enable the muscles and nervous system to develop the perfect rhythm when exercising, this is a fitness exercise technique called ‘greasing the groove’.

Increase your back – it’s your foundation

When performing exercises such as bench presses, the back is your base. You therefore have to increase it in terms of size and strength. To do this a mixture of heavy pulling exercise and multi-joint movement training is required. Do not concentrate too much on increasing repetitions but focus on few repetitions involving heavy weights.