800-pound Man Orders Pizza, Booted From Hospital (Video)

Steven Assanti has been left living out of his father’s 4×4 after he was booted out of the clinic where he spent 80 days trying to shed 586 lbs. The 33-year-old was getting the help he desperately needed to fight his “eating addiction” at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, US.

WARWICK, R.I. —An 800-pound Rhode Island man says he’s been kicked out of a hospital’s in-patient weight loss program for ordering pizza.

Steven Assanti, of Cranston, says he is addicted to food and has been enrolled in a weight loss program at Rhode Island Hospital for the past 80 days. He says he’s lost more than 20 pounds.

The 30-year-old Assanti said he ordered pizza Tuesday as a reward for his progress, a violation of the plan’s rules. He was asked to leave and is now living in the back of his father’s SUV.

His father says social workers are trying to arrange for Assanti to stay at Kent County Hospital through the weekend. He says he cannot afford to put Assanti in a hotel and they’re considering a Massachusetts apartment complex.

via WCVB