88 Minute 1000 Calorie Workout Video – Abs, HIIT Cardio, Strength Training and Stretching


Fitness Blender just posted this epic 1000 Calorie Workout! This video brings you a fully comprehensive workout session that incorporates warming up, abs and oblique exercises, high intensity interval training and strength training.

Because this routine is so intensive, you really don’t want to do it any more than three times a week, maximum. It includes both HIIT and strength training, which your body needs time to heal from – otherwise you run the risk of just undoing any progress that you may have otherwise made, or worse, overtraining, which can be dangerous. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t exercise for the rest of the week – Fitness Blender has hundreds of workout videos that are lower in impact that would be great options for burning off some extra calories on those recovery days.

Workout Breakdown:
6 Minute Cardio Warm Up
10 Minute Abs and Obliques Workout
36 Minute HIIT Routine
26 Minute Total Body Strength Training
8 Minute Cool Down & Stretch

Warm Up – 40 Seconds each

Shoulder Rolls
Arm Cross Swings
Boxer Shuffle
High Knee Pulls
Squats + Reach
4 Torso Twists + Knee
Jumping Jacks
Butt Kickers
10 Minute Abs – 50 Seconds each, 10 seconds transition

Circle Crunches
Backbow Crossovers
T Stabilization Reaches
Other Side
Leg Drop Crunches
High Plank Knee Circles
Alternating Jackknife Crunches
Knee Tuck Crunches
Figure 4 Leg Raises
Crunch Pulses
HIIT Workout – Groups of 2 exercises; 20 On, 10 Off x2, twice for a total of roughly 4 minutes per group (AA BB, AA BB format)

1 Minute Boxer Shuffle to get the heart rate back up & the muscles nice and warm

Switchfoot Kicks
Squat Jumps

Lateral Hop Jumps
Burpee Holds

Single Foot Lunge Hops
4 High Knees + 2 Jack Steps

2 Plank Jacks + 2 Knee Tucks
Jackknife Get Ups

Lateral Jumps
3 Squat Jacks + Jump

Wall Jumps
Static Runners

Roundabout Push Ups
3 Heel Taps + Leg Raises

Fly Jacks
Total Body Strength Training – Groups of two in an AB AB format, 10 Reps each

Bicep Curls
Tricep Extensions

Standing Hamstring Curls

Chest Presses + Bridge
Reverse Fly

Squats + Side Leg Raises
Calf Raises

Shoulder Presses
Squats + Inside Thigh Raises

Prone Leg Lifts + Curls
Cool Down & Stretch – 20 Second Holds

Wide Toe Touch
Inside Thigh + Arm Cross Pull
Overhead Triceps Stretch
Wall Chest Stretch
Quadriceps Stretch
Downward Dog
Modified Pigeon
Torso Twist
Full Body Stretch



via Fitness Blender