9 Tips To Help Control Unhealthy Food Cravings

9 Tips To Help Control Unhealthy Food Cravings
Reaching for that chocolate bar or that creamy strawberry smoothie right after a heavy meal? Unable to stop eating your three tier birthday cake and overstuffing with unhealthy fats? It is perfectly normal and completely human to have intense food cravings over which you have no real control despite knowing what havoc they can wreak with your tight diet plan. Sugar, snacks are junk food are natural tempters and can shake the weight loss resolutions of even the sturdiest weight fighter.

No worries if you are encountering this dilemma as many others out there. These simple strategies can help you to resist food cravings and load you with enough willpower to refuse delicious delicacies which are disastrous to your weight loss goals.

1. Shopping with a full stomach:
When you are out shopping for your groceries, make sure that you have eaten a satiating meal and are quite full. This will help you to avoid buying unhealthy junk or processed foods merely on an impulse.

2. Avoid strolling through the junk food corner:
Junk food is highly appealing to the eye and has a magnetizing effect. Do not stroll uselessly along the junk food shelves as it will only tempt your taste buds and make you linger longer over foods which are presently banned by you.

3. Eat sugar in moderation:
If you refuse yourself sugary foods and other desserts entirely, you will only end up eating huge quantities of unhealthy food later. Instead, allow yourself a little portion of snacks everyday to keep your mind off your cravings and to give your heart the delicious pleasure of indulging in sweets. Heavy restrictions only lead to complete breakdown of your resolutions sooner or later.

4. Don’t throw away the wrappers of your junk food:
Collecting your junk food wrappers in a jar will act as a constant reminder as to what you have been eating along and will help to curb your cravings.

5. Don’t eat over distractions:
Eating meals with your favorite TV show or while bending over your email or your reports can ruin your weight loss efforts. This is because when you are busy over something, you hardly notice what and how much you are eating. This way you miss out your stop signal and tend to overeat. Moreover, eating over distractions means that you are less satisfied and comforted with your meal and very likely to feel hungry again after an hour.

6. Paste reminders of your weight loss goals all around the house:
Little reminders and promises that seem to pop up at you wherever you turn in your house can help remarkably well in controlling your food cravings. Draft up a collage stating all the reasons why you want to quit overeating and all the advantages associated with a slim and stylish figure. These key points will definitely act as a positive motivation to help you resist your food temptations.

7. Drink more water:
There is no better method to kill your food cravings than drinking a whole glass of water or two. Water instantly gives you a feeling of fullness and quenches your hunger. As soon as your cravings hit, reach for a glass of water and there! You are no longer hungry. Since water also has the miraculous property of being an avid weight loss supporter, drinking plenty of water a day will give a boost to your weight loss plan.

8. Find a healthier substitute to eating:
Most people munch on snacks when they are either bored or hungry. Since hunger can easily be gratified with healthy foods, you have boredom to worry about more. Indulge yourself in interesting and constructive hobbies like gardening, cycling, hiking, painting, crotchet, book reading etc. Immerse yourself in your new activity so that you have no leisure time to speculate over your food cravings.

9. Maintain a food diary:
For most people, this strategy works beautifully. Recording every morsel of food or sip of drink that you have had during the day in a food diary helps you to keep track of your calories and food consumption. It also gives you a clear picture and direction about what is going extra in your stomach and what needs to be terminated!