9 Ways To Trick Yourself From Having Unhealthy Food Cravings

9 Ways To Trick Yourself From Having Unhealthy Food Cravings


Abide by these 9 essential tips to overcome raging hunger pangs and mounting food cravings.

1) Increase your protein intake:

Many individuals fail to realize the fact that increasing your intake of protein while dieting is a potent way to beat hunger pangs without limiting portion sizes. Women endeavoring to get a beach body ready usually shave off the unwarranted flab from their body by augmenting the ingestion of protein in their diet. Multiply your body weight pounds by 1.5 and consume that amount of protein in grams daily. For example if you weigh 110 pounds multiply 110 by 1.5 and this is 165 grams.

2) Eat sour foods:

It may sound crazy but your taste buds are definitely not going to crave anything after eating something sour. For those who can’t resist sweet things, it is recommended that you grab something sour to eat at first like pickles, balsamic vinegar sprinkled on salad, grapefruit or Greek Yogurt and you will instantaneously notice your longing for sweet, irresistible things getting quenched.

3) Sample with vegetables:

Veggies are your ultimate ammunition when it comes to extinguishing those hunger pangs. You can chomp and crunch on any kind of vegetables without worrying of layering your belt line with fat. For those who engage in weight training exercises and cardio training are well aware of the fact that their appetite becomes huge and uncontrollable especially after a workout. Loading up on green veggies like broccoli, spinach, celery, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and zucchini is the best way to satiate your hunger, pack up essential fiber while keeping the calories in check.

4)  Have garlic:

If you want to maintain distance from sweet foods then it’s high time you embrace garlic. Garlic contains sulfur containing compounds which possess antibacterial properties that impede the growth of many unhealthy bacteria. Garlic is also beneficial in diminishing the unhealthy fats, elevating your good cholesterol while reducing bad cholesterol levels. Garlic also revs up the rate of metabolism thus causing a cutback in total body fat.

5)  Drink Green Tea:

According to research, people who drink tea particularly green tea are able to shed weight more rapidly as compared to those who hesitate to drink this natural magical brew. Green tea is best known for acting as a booster shot to the rate of metabolism and intensifying the fat burning process. Its sugar regulating and cholesterol lowering property also makes it an ideal concoction for those trying to torch calories and whittle their waistline.

6) Veto the unhealthy fats:

Fats are imperative for proper functioning of the body systems but fats can be categorized in two categories-good and bad fats. Saturated and trans fats fall in the category of bad fats elevating the level of bad cholesterol in the body and increasing the belly fat while monosaturated and polystaurated fats are deemed to be good fats which should be integrated into the diet.

7) Chew gum:

Sugar-free gum is the easiest way to chomp something tasty and relishing when the need to eat strikes. We all have noticed that chewing gum is the best way to quench and quell the hunger cravings.

8) Drink more water:

The ultimate panacea-water has the power to douse the appetite and yearning for food and permeate the body with a feeling of satiety. Many a times people confuse the signal of thirst with that of water so drink two glasses of water when you feel the urge to chomp something. It might only be a dehydration signal which your brain has muddled up.

9) Get physical:

You can forget about getting an attractive and alluring outline if you aren’t ditching your lethargic habits and taking up some physical activity. Exercise along with proper diet is very crucial if you want to acquire a trim and fit figure. Going for a brisk walk for hour an hour will not only keep your mind from roving over the food and sweet treats but will also uplift your mood, infuse your body with vigor and vitality and torch the extra calories and fat that seems to be clinging mercilessly to your frame.