A Whooper with 1,000 Slices of Cheese Will Horrify and Disgust You


When Burger King said you could “have it your way”; I don’t think this was what they meant! This whopper  with  1,000 slices of cheese has about 45,000 calories! Take a look at the pics below of this instant cardiac arrest in a bun! How is this guy still alive after eating this?

When “Have It Your Way” means “Oh God, No, No.” Japanese website Rocket News, which previously ordered a Whooper with one thousand pieces of bacon, is back. This time, the site ordered a Whooper with one thousand pieces of cheese.

Rocket News called their local BK to see if they could actually order a burger with a thousand slices of cheese. It seems it was, and Mr. Sato from Rocket News walked out of the fast food joint with a 25-pound, 45,000-calorie burger. BK even fashioned cardboard drink carries into a frame to hold up the burger in its paper bag.

Sato made it through 350 slices, before throwing in the towel and allowing the rest of Rocket News the chance to divvy up the remaining cheese so staffers could have enough cheese for the rest of their lives.







via Kotaku