Abdominal Exercises – Basic Requirement to Have Good Toned Muscles

To have prefect figure is a dream of every person. It is the desire of every one of us to look attractive. You gain weight due to unhealthy eating habits and lack of proper exercise. Today, people are well aware of the benefits of a fit body to ward off diseases. The mental stability can only be achieved by keeping your body in perfect order.

Abdominal exercises are one of the many essential workouts to develop your body for the perfect appearance. If you are thinking of losing weight then stomach exercise should be given more importance.


Why losing weight in the abdominal region is important?

It is a natural occurrence while you gain weight, fat mostly gets accumulated in the lower abdominal region, so it will be advantageous for you to shed this fat as quickly as possible. Unfortunately belly fat is not easy to get rid of. It can be done only by regular stomach exercise and eating balanced diet.


Benefits of stomach work outs:

  • You will be able to have a flat belly.
  • Exercise will tone your body and help in developing great abs.
  • It will generate better posture.
  • Your lower back can move easily.
  • Digestion will improve and assist in overcoming constipation.

The abdominal exercise takes only a few minutes from your busy schedule, so it can be easily done any time as per your convenience. Before starting the action, make sure to do warm up drills.


Some of the most beneficial exercises to tone stomach muscles are:

  • Plank action: It tones the whole body. You just have to lower your elbow and knees on the floor. Straighten your back and lift the knees off the base such that toes and elbows control your body weight straightly.
  • Plank sideways: It tightens the side muscles of the stomach. Lie on one side of the floor taking support of an elbow. Start lifting your body one side supported by an elbow and your feet.
  • Bicycle crunch: This movement helps to achieve good abs shape. Lie down on the floor by bending your legs and head lifted by hands. Straighten left side leg and let right one touch the left elbow. After few minutes repeat it with left leg touching right elbow.
  • Twist and crunch: Best for achieving toned muscles. Bend your leg by lying down. Twist hip a little and lift the right side of the body by turning the right elbow. Do the same with the left side.
  • Double leg reverse crunch: Perfect to make lower region muscles strong. Start by lying on the floor. Raise your legs by keeping the knee bent. Put your hand below the hip, lower your heels slowly. ¬†Come back to rest after a few minutes.
  • Long arm crunch: Stretch on the mat with knees bent and hands extended behind the knee. Lift your upper body until chest reaches the knees. Repeat it for ten minutes. It is good to tone your lower abdominal muscles.
  • Ball action: This is done with the aid of an exercise ball. The added benefit of this exercise in comparison to floor ones is that you use full body to control your movement. Keep the ball under your lower back and place hands behind head. Contract your stomach to lift the body from the ball and pull the ribs down towards your hips. Keep in mind that the ball should not move while curling.

Beginners can start with simple exercises. It will be advisable to take professional help as they are specialized in planning proper workout to suit your body.  Abdominal workouts are popular among people, who like to attain fit and strong muscles and flaunt their toned posture.



Author’s Bio:

Carl Hiaasen is a health and fitness enthusiast, who likes to share his ideas and opinions on his blog posts. He also explains how orthotics can help people with uneven leg sizes in preventing lower back pain in the long run.