The Accessories Every Guy Needs For The Gym


Want to improve your life? Up your game at the gym. From improved health to better mental capabilities, improved looks to better sex, there’s numerous benefits to be gained from pumping iron every day. Make a commitment to working on your physical health and reap the benefits in every facet of life. Most of us have to fit gym sessions in before work or during our lunch hour to make sure we have time for the rest of life’s responsibilities, making packing the essentials for your daily gym sessions an important step. Before you sign up for that gym membership and head to that bench, find out what you should be packing in your gym bag.


You might be rolling your eyes, but hear us out. Your gym sessions may require a bit more strength than your normal deodorant is capable of. If you’re cruising for romance in the gym and want to capture some positive attention from the gorgeous girl over on the cross trainer, the last thing you’ll want to repel her with is some lethal body odor. Something to think about: some health professionals claim the aluminum found in normal antiperspirants have negative effects on our health. Luckily, there are plenty of aluminum-free natural deodorant alternatives that can get the job done just as well without the potential health side effects.

Modern Gym Essentials

Our modern world is obsessed with making life easier, and there are a variety of modern gadgets that make heading to the gym a little bit better. Keep your phone germ-free with a new Touch of Modern case to protect your screen from gross lingering bacteria on various machines. Find modern advancement in hydration; check out the Boroux glass water bottles, which are both dishwasher safe and non-chemical-leaching. We couldn’t mention modern gym essentials without talking about the massive amount of apps out there that can improve your workout. One of our favorites is JeFit; it lets you track your workouts, body changes, and helps create routines to ensure you’re organized at the gym and getting the most out of your sessions.

Prepare for Pain

No pain, no gain. If you’re experiencing some intense soreness from your last 10 reps and have to head into the office right after your shower at the gym, you’re going to want to relieve those sore muscles as much as possible. Since most offices aren’t equipped with ice baths (if yours is, you’ve made it, man) you’re going to want some pain balm to slip on. Whether you reach for the good old Icy Hot or Tiger Balm, you’ll thank yourself a few hours into your work day.

Hygiene Essentials

If you’ll be making your way to the office after you work out, you’ll need to shower and do all the proper hygiene before heading in. Who wants to bring the entire contents of their shower at home to the gym? Instead of worrying about carrying around shampoo and body wash, find a two-in-one that can handle both duties. Another note: bring shower shoes. There’s no telling what kind of nasty fungus is festering on those shower floors.

Styling Tips

Instead of coating your wet hair with gel that will make it look crusty by the end of the day, stick with a lightweight styling cream. Try the Tea Tree Shaping Cream from Paul Mitchell for an easy way to put some shape into your hair after a quick shower and head into the office looking coiffed and polished, ready for whatever comes your way. Word of warning: it’s easy to overdo it with this product, so be sparing or deal with looking like you have greasy hair.

Watch Out for Smells

As men, we fully admit that we can work up quite the stench while working out. While you may proudly take it as a sign of a hard gym session, you’re not going to enjoy the odors wafting from your gym bag by the end of the day. Deodorizers are a game changer. Throw some bag deodorizers into your gym bag as soon as you throw your sweaty clothes in. You may also want to consider buying some shoe-specific deodorizers to handle that foot stench that will definitely find its way into your closet when you throw your shoes back in.