Addressing And Overcoming Gym Intimidation For Beginners

Addressing And Overcoming Gym Intimidation

We have all been there. Excited to finally get into a gym and off of a couch, and motivated so much that we could probably rebuild Noah’s Ark. You changed into your new gym apparel that you took hours picking. Making sure that everything matched and fit just right to keep you in tune with your new gym physique. Till that exact moment when you walk in the gym and see an array of machines and bars, plates and mats. You start to try and figure out lifts from a magazine or a website you found, pick up a light set of dumbbells to warm up your muscles, and you see that guy everyone loves and envys. Curling the 50lb dummbells with ease and wearing what looks to be the remains of a tank top. You decide to move out of his way and on to another machine or set of weights. Maybe you do a few reps here and there for a 20 more minutes. Then you decide to leave.

This unfortunately is one of the main reasons why a lot of individuals do not return to the gym. Seeing others in the gym lifting godly amounts of weight, or hammering down a intense cardio routine can intimidate you. Most of the time when a new member starts working out, they imagine everyone is looking at them and “making fun” of them because they are weak or out of shape. Trust me when i say this; that is not the case!

Most of the time when someone new joins the gym, (as immature as this sounds, it is true) those lifting like to make sure you are noticing them bench press 400lbs. It is what a lot of guys do. Granted that there are those in the gym that may be saying to themselves or others, “oh look at this weakling walking in to our gym.” Prove them wrong by staying motivated, and humble yourself.
Lets get down to business Getting past gym intimidation and sticking it out at ANY gym is mostly a mental game, because 9 times out of 10 after that first couple weeks of consistency there will be a moment of weakness where you will just want to give up. Not entirely but you will start by skipping a day. Then the next and the next etc…. Here are some tips to sticking it out and accomplishing your goals in the gym, and making new friends!
  • Come in with a game plan
    Most of the time people walk in expecting to just pick up weights and feel the burn. Although that may be the case, not having a solid routine and a plan causes what i call “Gym A.D.D“. This is when you start a lift and a set, and then completely quit in the middle of repetitions and move on to something else. The simplest way to make a quick and easy program is: start off small and simple, and don’t overload yourself. Start going Monday,WednesdayFridayMonday and Friday can be all upper body lifts, and Wednesday is legs and abs. 3 sets of 8-12 Reps. Do this for a month or two and cardio in between those days if desired.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help There is nothing guys at the gym like more than sharing their vast knowledge of workouts, hypertrophy routines and supplemental nutrition. Basically letting you know that they are the Arnold of their gym. Ask them! Ask them what? ANYTHING! You are unsure how to grow your chest or Deltoids? Then go to that guy with a gorilla chest and ask. In most cases though the guy with a huge chest  has it in his genes. Muscle growth is partally genetic. Yes you can be strong in any aspect from proper nutrition and workout regiment but if your father and his father and his father’s father never had a huge beefy kind kong chest, you most likely won’t either. 
  • Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was New York
    All the T.V ads and infomercials and magazine ads can tell you that you can get rock hard abs and lose 30 lbs and gain muscle in a week as long as you try their product. Trust me when i say it is all false propaganda. When lifting, it is best to do things the right way. Yes it will take time but consider this: your body is like a blank block of marble and you are sculpting it into a masterpiece. Now, you aren’t going to hammer and chip at the marble as fast and quick as you can to make your masterpiece are you? You will take your time. Fine tuning the details until every curve, crevasse and crease is perfect. That is exactly what you are doing when you lift. Making sure your form and stance is proper to get the most out of your workout. Eating the right foods and fueling your body till you see your masterpiece unravel right before your eyes.  
Be persistent and consistent and i promise you. All your hard work and sweat and nights of pain will pay off. Stay motivated. 
Author Bio:
My name is Adam Ashby and i am 26 years old. I have been lifting since 2009. At my start i was 120lbs. Now i am currently 163lbs at 5 foot 7 inches. I have a 10 year background in martial arts, taekwondoo as my major discipline. I don’t lift one way or the other. For strength or for size. I do it all! i try everything and anything from powerlifting to crossfit to yoga. Muscle confusion at its best. During my week routines my first chest day or arms day is different the next time i lift, whether it is changing the rep range or the workout completely. Currently my gym partner and best friend, Cuong Phan and I started our own fitness brand called “Auktane Fitness” which we are fully committed in.
My Instagram is hara.kiri_ and our fitness page where you can find functional lifting and training videos is Auktane_fit. You can also visit our and