Adidas Hopes You’ll Pay $600-A-Year For A Workout Clothes Subscription (Video)


Adidas’s newest marketing tactic is targeting a very specific niche: the fitness fanatic who loves to be surprised. The brand is getting into subscription boxes with Avenue A, a shipment that will land in customers’ mailboxes once a quarter with shoes, clothes, and workout gear. It costs $150 per box, and will include three items, some which are limited-edition. Beyond that, the box’s contents are a mystery.

But still, that’s $600 a year to shell out for surprise Adidas outfits. The Post wonders if this is the outer limits of the subscription box trend. “With Avenue A, Adidas is asking shoppers to incur both a fairly high risk and a fairly high cost,”


Because sometimes shoppers don’t feel like making decisions or leaving home, subscription box services have become a popular way to get regular deliveries of beauty samples, personal grooming products, and clothing. Jumping on the subscription box bandwagon recently is Adidas, which hopes customers will feel like forking out $600 a year for workout clothing, shoes, and other gear.

Adidas is calling the service Avenue A and charging $150 per box delivered quarterly filled with sneakers, apparel, and anything else you might need to get your athleisure look on. Oh, and actually work out, if that’s your thing.

The items in the box will be a surprise until you open it, but Adidas says all pieces will be seasonally appropriate.

This isn’t the first company to offer subscription boxes of workout gear: Fabletics also offers shoppers athleisure wear on a subscription basis, with VIP members paying $49.95 monthly that is credited toward whatever purchases they make on the site.

On the one hand, $600 sounds like a lot of money for workout gear. But active folks who go through shoes, sports bras, and other workout necessities often could see it as a steal of a deal. I’m not one of those people, so I have no idea. Let’s vote instead, shall we?

via Consumerist