Advanced Abs Workout

Checkout this great advanced ab routine from Vince DelMonte.

Did you know that 99% of “conventional” ab workouts and exercises target the hip flexors more than the abs? It’s true. “Hip-flexor dominant” exercises and technique is at the heart of inferior ab development. Not knowing how to de-emphasize your hip flexors will cripple your ability to reveal the full shape and separation of your abdominals — not to mention you’ll end up with life-long lower

Did you know over-powering hip flexors ALSO result in weak lower abs? This is bad news considering the lower abs are very stubborn, hard to define and are usually the most under-developed part of the mid-section…

Did you know that, 9 times out of 10, when your abs are “on fire” during your workout it’s because they are only STABILIZING and NOT the prime movers? Can you imagine how much faster your abs would start popping when you learn how to minimize the use of your hips flexors and select the best exercises, sequencing and technique to target and isolate your abdominals primarily?

Probably not… and that’s ok. It’s not your fault!

I’m guessing you haven’t spent over a decade studying physics, biomechanics, anatomy and exercise physiology like I have. Very few personal trainers know about this, because most of them get their info from “cereal box” personal training certifications or uninformed “gurus”…

If you don’t have ripped abs yet, you need to address these ab ruining mistakes now. Here’s how:…

In case you were looking for it, here is today’s ab workout:

A1. Glute Ham Sit Ups – 10-12
A2. Hanging Leg Raises – 10-12
A3. Supported Leg Raises -12-15
A4. Bicycle Crunches – 12-15
A5. Mountain Climbers – 30 sec

Rest 10 seconds between exercises and 60 seconds between rounds. Repeat 3-4x