Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Bowflex Treadclimber


A treadclimber or a bowflex treadclimber is a machine which is a stairclimber, an elliptical and a treadmill rolled into one.  On this machine, you not only get to use these three machines separately but also in combination of one another.  You are allowed to change the resistance to different levels and can also control the speed and intensity of the workout.  Bowflex treadclimber is becoming increasingly popular because of the many benefits that it gives and the superb cardio workout session that one can have on it. But like everything else, there are certain flipsides of using this machine. The following are some of the advantages and disadvantages of a bowflex treadclimber:

Advantages of bowflex treadclimber

  • One of the main advantages of using this machine is that it provides combined benefits of three different cardio machines and hence helps you achieve a lot more in the same time period. When you workout on a bowflex max trainer, then you can avail the same benefits of a treadmill or elliptical but in half the time.
  • Another benefit of this cardio workout machine is that it helps to burn a lot of calories and in much less time period as compared to elliptical, Stairmaster or a treadmill. This is because as you walk forward, the platform rises and this adds more resistance to the workout session.  Thus it is a great machine to lose weight faster.
  • This machine helps you to strengthen your back as well as the abdominal muscles. It improves your overall stamina and hence makes you more resistant to physical strain.

Disadvantages of bowflex treadclimber:

  • One of the major disadvantages of a bowflex treadclimber is that if you aresomeone who is more used to running in comparison to walking, then you may find it very hard to adjust to this machine since it doesn’t necessarily support running.
  • This machine is more cumbersome for those who like to enjoy the feeling of being light on the feet when running on the ground or on the treadmill since it also has the step up platform which keeps moving with a little weight as you take steps forward.
  • The biggest disadvantage of problem associated with the treadclimber is the price of the machine. Ofcourse there are low priced variants available too but even then this machine is expensive than running out in the park or doing cardio in the gym.


Now that you know both the positives as well as the negatives associated with the bowflex treadclimber, you can make the decision of buying it or not. It is a great machine to work out on and has many fitness benefits but it may not be for those who cannot invest such a hefty amount. Moreover if you already have a treadmill and an elliptical at home, then you may not need this machine at all. The best bet is to use the treadclimber at the gym to avail its benefits without spending too much.