Alcohol Vs Exercise



You may think that by exercising you can help counteract the effects the alcohol can have on the body. Exercise, after all, keeps you healthy, right? Well, yes it certainly helps, but unfortunately it is not a cure-all. Alcohol may have more damaging effects on the body then you may realize, and even exercise can’t fix them all.

Undoing all the good work

You may decide you deserve a quick drink to reward yourself after the gym for all the hard work you’ve done. This so called “treat” can undo all that effort you’ve just put in. For example, those 500 calories you’ve just burned off by running for a whole half an hour? Two large glasses of wine and guess what? You’ve undone all that good work. Remember the saying “A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips?” It’s true.

Fat chance of losing weight

Alcohol is absorbed by the body in a way which can reduce the amount of fat you can actually burned by exercising. Your body is not designed to absorb alcohol, and tries to get rid of it out of your system as quick as possible. The body priorities this over other physical needs such as burning fat and taking in vital nutrients. Not only does it slow down the metabolic rate, it inhibits the absorption of the vitamins and minerals from your healthy diet.


If you’ve got a hangover, then you’re less likely to put in a substantial amount of effort, if any to physically demanding exercises like swimming and running or cycling. You may feel inclined to have a gentle workout when suffering the morning after, but this doesn’t benefit your health as much good as a much more vigorous routine. Dehydration, another side-effect of alcohol consumption also puts your body at a natural disadvantage as without that valuable H2O, physical performance is greatly impaired.


The human body is made up of around 70%water. Even being slightly dehydrated can have a massive impact on the body. Concentration will be poor, and fatigue and muscle weakness will set in quickly. You may feel dizzy or lightheaded and lack of water will cause headaches your metabolism will also be decreased, defeating the purpose of exercise in the first place.

Cutting back

If you are worried about your drinking habits and it’s a good idea to start cutting back. Cutting down on alcohol will help minimize the damaging effects it has on the body. It will also greatly enhance your exercise routines and will help gain much better results from physical activity. If you find it difficult to cut down or stop drinking then you should seek professional help as soon as possible. Exercise can help keep you healthy but you must always bear in mind the negative impact alcohol has on your fitness.