Alkaline Water For Fitness and Weight Loss



For many people, it is a common practice on making sure to consume enough water each and every day for hydration. Especially during intense workouts, whether it be strength or cardio training, replacing the water in the body is crucial for preventing dehydration. Not only that, but by ensuring optimal hydration levels, it can help the body to utilize nutrients from food and supplements more efficiently – in addition to better being able to rid the body of excess nutrients which aren’t used by the body.

But the main question is this: “Are we aware of the optimal kind of water we should be drinking for optimal health?”

More and more people, including well-known fitness and sports enthusiasts, are beginning to understand why alkaline water should be the water all of us should be drinking on a daily basis. Some of these well-known people include of (but not limited to): Jillian Michaels and Dolvett Quince from “The Biggest Loser”, bodybuilding champions Dan Hill and Wade Lightheart, sports teams the NY Yankees and the LA Lakers.




When it comes to muscle gain, it’s important to steer clear of having too much acidity in the body. The body can get acidic by multiple factors such as: dehydration, unhealthy foods, the polluted environment, stress, and acidic beverages (i.e sodas, most bottled water, tap water, and sugary drinks). Having an acidic pH in the body not only can hinder muscle gain, but can also reduce blood level plasma levels of IGF-1.

Alkaline water can effectively neutralize acid wastes in the body that can not only hinder muscle gains, but can also damage healthy cells and tissue including muscle cells. Not only that, but our body has a way of storing acidic waste so that it doesn’t damage our vital organs. The way in which it does this is primarily by storing it in fat cells. Therefore, when neutralizing and excreting these toxins not only by exercise, healthy foods, and supplements, but also by drinking alkaline water it may then help the body to lose fat as it won’t have any use for it anymore.

On the contrary to mostly all bottled water, tap water, and filtered water such as reverse osmosis or distilled water, alkaline water can help to remove acid waste rather than adding to the problem. These other waters mostly all have an acidic pH, meaning it adds to the acidic waste load that may be present in our body. Especially for reverse osmosis or distilled water, it can sometimes be strongly acidic due to absence of beneficial alkaline minerals. As alkaline water is abundant in naturally occurring alkaline minerals, and void of acidity, it is then able to assist the body in achieving an optimal body pH level of approximately 7.365. Many resources also state that by achieving this alkaline body balance, it can then enhance the bodies’ anabolic state for increase muscle growth during recovery.

Now enough on the alkalizing benefit, now I will explain how you can achieve better hydration with alkalized water. As many people know (especially for those who are devoted into staying healthy, passionate about bodybuilding, and fitness) maintaining optimal hydration is crucial. However, what water is best for hydration is not commonly discussed. The ability for water to hydrate all depends on its’ cluster size. Mostly all drinking water, due to pollution in today’s world, has a big cluster size of an average of 14-20 molecules. Before pollution was introduced through industrialization, water was void of toxins and was abundant in high energy minerals, which allowed for a smaller cluster size.

Naturally occurring minerals in water and food such as fruits and vegetables provide the body with energy. By having a higher energy rating when compared to unhealthy toxins, it also has a rapid vibration rate (where the molecules move back and forth in a fast manner). A lot of people who are into raw foods, commonly mention about how fruits and vegetables can help to increase the bodies’ vibration (i.e energy levels). With this vibration, the minerals not only in fruits and vegetables, but also alkaline water are unable to stick together (which is a good thing). With the inability to stick together, each cluster has a much smaller molecular size that is on average between 3-5 molecules. With this cluster size, alkaline water is much more able to provide hydration deeper into the cellular matrix of the body. Not only that, each cell of the body is also able to detoxify much more effectively, as hydration equals alkalinity and oxygenation, whereas dehydration equals lack of oxygen and acidity (toxicity).

As previously mentioned, as the body becomes more and more hydrated, the cells of the body are able to more effectively not only utilize nutrients from foods, drinks, and supplements, but also are better able to excrete nutrients which aren’t used (otherwise known as detoxification). Also, with better hydration, the cells of the body are much more effective for communicating with each other: whether it be for increased performance for workouts, or more mind-focus for each rep. More and more people, especially in the sports and fitness world, and beginning to realize the health benefits of alkaline water. The proof is in the pudding, just by googling “alkaline water and celebrities”, you will be able to find thousands of results which list mostly all of the celebrities who consume this kind of water.



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