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The supplement company Universal makes a variety of fat burning/muscle building/nutrition supplements. Among their most popular is the Animal line of products. There’s Animal Stack, Animal Pak, Animal Cuts, Animal Rage, Animal Test as well as others. Animal Cuts, as the name suggests, is for cutting weight. Bodybuilders typically do a bulking phase in which the main goal is to gain muscle mass with less regard for body fat.

After this phase is complete, before they show in competitions, bodybuilders will do their cutting phase, where the primary purpose is to cut down body-fat, to achieve more muscle definition and muscle separation. There is a large variety of supplements that can assist in the cutting phase. While these supplements are practically a must among bodybuilders, they’re also popular among people who are just looking to achieve a better physique.

Universal Animal Cuts is a popular supplement in this category because it was one of the first supplements created for the express purpose of cutting weight and getting shredded (plus it has a catchy name). There is a long list of ingredients in Animal Cuts. Each ingredient section is known as a complex and has ingredients for a specific purpose. For example; the metabolic complex contains various tea extracts to boost metabolism. There is also a diuretic complex, which in my opinion, isn’t necessary.

Diuretics cause you to shed water weight, however, the healthiest and safest way to drop unnecessary water weight is to drink lots of water. While there are many ingredients in Animal Cuts that have been proven to work, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything in it does exactly what they claim. There are a supplement makers that try to “trick” you into buying their products by exhibiting the longest list of ingredients. Remember, more ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean better. It’s more important to have the right ingredients in the right amounts.

Animal Cuts does provide good results for many people, but many believe it’s not the best supplement out there for cutting weight. A more cost-efficient option is to go with Oxy Elite Pro (my favorite fat burner). Oxy Elite Pro has a simple and great list of ingredients and it’s easy to take. You just take one pill in the morning and one more pill about 4-5 hours later. Combine that with a low carb, sugar free diet, lots of water, and some cardio 3 times a week, and I guarantee you will get shredded quick! If you want to add one more supplement to that, I highly recommend CLA. CLA works great on its own and even better when combined with Oxy Elite Pro.

With that being said, Animal cuts has a large following of loyal users, so if you haven’t tried it yet and are curious, I believe you can’t go wrong with a supplement like this, that has been around so long and continues to be a top selling fat loss product on so many sites and in so many stores.


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Animal Cuts