Anthony’s Leg Day Massacre Routine

Anthony's Leg Day Massacre Routine

Here is our sponsored athlete Anthony’s leg day routine. If your looking to add some mass to your wheels follow his routine to have your legs begging for mercy.

Started off with 10 min warm up on the stair mill followed by stretching.

Leg curls seated 4 sets

Leg curls laying down 4 sets

Leg extension 4 sets

Leg press: 1 plate on each side 5 reps, add a plate 5 reps. Repeat till 10 plates each side. Then drop back down on plate at a time doing 5 reps each plate dropped. When you get down to 1 plate each side do 20 reps or till failure.

Squats: 1 set of 135, 3 sets of 225 (nice slow controlled reps with static holds for 2-4 secs) Last set: drop set – 315 x 8-10, 225x 8-10, 135 x 10-12

Hack squat 3 sets

One legged leg press machine 4 sets

Single leg leg extensions(low weight) with 2 sec static holds when extended.

Walking lunges 2 sets 100 steps each

For those not familiar with some of the exercises listed above, here are a few instructional videos on performing them below.

Seated Leg Curls


Laying Leg curls


Single Leg extension


Leg Press




Hack squat


One legged leg press machine

Walking lunges