Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Tank Watch Weighs Nearly a Full Pound



A man of Arnold Schwarzenegger stature is the only one person that could wear something like this. The watch weights in at a whooping full pound. The story behind the watch is really fascinating.

In 1992, Arnold tracked down his old M47 that he drove from 1965-1966 near the Austrian-Hungarian border. Upon looking at the instrument gauges on the control panel, he was inspired to use those gauges as a model for a watch with all the bulk and aggressiveness of his old tank. In 2010, like all of Arnold’s ideas, he made that vision a reality. The massive hand clock is made up of 11 ounces of steel, a thick leather strap, and a precise Japanese movement.  The watch is called  The A.S. M47-331. “M47” for the model, and “331” for the serial number, of Arnold’s actual tank.


via Spot Me Bro