Back and Abs Workout Routine (Video)

Checkout this great back and abs routine by Scott Herman Fitness.

Usually when I hit the gym I tend to stay away from the machines, but today I was in the mood to switch it up. With machines it becomes much easier to let momentum do the work so you need to make sure you’re maintaining proper form. With 4 sets per exercise your back will be EXPLODING by the time you finish and move on to ABS! For ABS you will complete 3 exercises, 4 sets of 20 reps each. Some of the exercises are a bit advanced so be sure to modify them to your fitness level if needed. Tear it up Nation! #HTH

• 4 exercises
• 10 reps per set
• 4 sets per exercise

• 3 exercises
• 20 reps per set
• 4 sets per exercise

(0:24)- Routine Sets & Reps!

(1:01)- Seated Reverse Pulldown
(1:55)- Lat Pulldown
(2:36)- Close-Grip T-Bar Row
(3:21)- Dumbbell Pull-Over

(4:55)- Ab Pulldown
(5:58)- Advanced Leg-Lift
(6:38)- Floor Crunch With Legs Elevated