BACK BUSTER! Hardcore BACK Muscle Gain Routine! (Video)

Solid back routine from Scott Herman. Check out the video above and follow the exercises below.

Build strength and size with BACK-BUSTER! We start off with a heavy 5×5 of Pendlay Rows focusing on explosive pulls and controlled negatives. From there we are going to train your lats, rhomboids and a bit of traps as well.

If you have a hard time with the weighted pull-ups, do your best to try to use weight on as many reps as you can. If you fall short of 8 reps, just finish what is left with normal bodyweight pull-ups.

Be sure to add weight to your sets when you can and get ready for the ULTIMATE PUMP! #HTH

• 4 exercises
• Sets & reps will vary per exercise
• Rest 60 – 90 seconds between exercises

1. Pendlay Row (5 sets: 5 reps)
2. Weighted Pull-Up (3 sets: 8 reps)
3. T-Bar Row (3 sets: 8 reps)
4. Chin-Up To Sternum (3 sets: 8 reps)