Ball State Football ‘Hulk Smashes’ Leg Day

Check out Ball State Football gearing up its inner comic book to make squatting more than 500 or 600 pounds the most fun workout you could ever imagine.

WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Kind of makes me actually want to follow through with leg day! Really? Nah, I’m fucking with you. But holy shitballs, that’s a squad I want to play for. A bunch of SAVAGES. I still have four years left of eligibility and only needed to call for a sub three times in my last flag football game. I’m a shoelace tackler whose motor runs until the whistle is blown. Also, a solid locker room addition. Give me a goddamn roster spot coach, I’ll wear number 00 I don’t care! MAKE ME A CARDINAL.

From the Ball State Athletic website:

Lifting weights is a pretty straightforward activity.  It can get a little mundane.  Pick this weight up.  Put that weight down.  But that’s why Ball State Football Strength and Conditioning coach Dave Feeley makes a big effort to spice things up once in a while.

Two years ago the Cardinals got to pose with the WWE Championship (belt) if they hit 90% of their maximum squat at a late point in the season.  Last year they got dressed up in war paint.  This year they dressed like the Incrdible Hulk.

I’m typically not a betting man but I’m throwing the family farm on a BSC title from Ball State this year. Don’t even care that they were 5-7 last year. I’m a believer.

via Bro Bible