Basic Fitness Tips



Figured we would give a refresher course on some basic fitness tips to those that are just starting to hit the gym.

Eating less – Taking in smaller portions of what you normally eat results in weight loss with little effort. Naturally, switching your diet to leaner one with less carbohydrates will bring out even more results. But you’ll need discipline for that one. For lean diets simply Google “lean diets” and keep the fat and carbs to a minimum and you’ll be fine.

Get a lot more fiber – Fiber is an excellent ingredient for two reasons: one is that it gets you full quicker. And the second is that it cleanses your system which is always good.

Cut the soda – If you drink soda or a lot of ice tea/cappucinos/frappucinos it’s time to cut them out entirely or lower the count dramatically. A regular can of soda contains 110 calories which is a good 15-20 minutes of walking to burn in a high pace. Switching to diet is a first step for beginners and then cutting it out completely by switching to water. Even healthy juice is bad in terms of weight gain if you drink too much as calories are calories.

Train more – Go out for a walk if you aren’t fit enough for jogging or gym. Try to throw in a “power walk” for at least 30-45 minutes every day. Try keeping a relatively fast pace. Otherwise weight lifting is the ideal workout.

Cut the snacks – If you eat a lot of candy bars or snacks you’ll need to stop with that as they are full with only fat, sugars, and carbs. All bad things.  If you can’t, try switching chocolate for dark chocolate (at least 40%) but 70% is recommended.  If you want to cut the chips, go for oven baked instead of fried as that dramatically lowers the fat count.