BBDO CEO John Osborn Uses Treadmill Desk To Stay Fit At Work


Check out BBDO Worldwide NY CEO who uses a treadmill desk at work. How you do keep active when not at the gym?

BBDO New York CEO John Osborn has one-upped his peers in the “standing desk” trend with this crazy treadmill desk. (The theory — espoused by BI’s own fearless leader — is that sitting all day at a desk is bad for your health, and thus you should stand while you work.) The BBDO source who sent us this photo swears this is a real thing, although judging by Osborn’s pose he isn’t exactly working up a sweat.

The key detail in the photo—click to enlarge—is the chocolate donut hanging on a hook in front of Osborn. It was apparently put there by Osborn’s boss, BBDO Worldwide CEO Andrew Robertson, who is another standing desk enthusiast.






via Business Insider