Before And After: Man Hikes Over 2,000 Miles


Gary, known by his Reddit username garmachi posted an epic before and after picture of his journey along the entirety of the Appalachian Trail. The 44-year-old started his hike in Georgia on May 10th and recently completed his 153 day journey to Maine on October 9th. He kept a blog of his trip, but commented that it was only a fraction of what actually happened on the trail. He plans on writing a book about the full adventure.

Gary saved up for years to be financially stable enough to quit his job to make his dreams come true. He said:

“For as long as I remember, I’ve been drawn to the horizon, and usually by foot … The first time I ever carried a backpack was when I joined the Marines, and aside from all the yelling, I loved it, continuing to do so on my own every chance I got. And every trip always ends the same, ‘How can I get just one more day out there?’

Gary let Reddit users know what he ate while hiking along the Appalachian Trails:

“On the trail I’d typically have: Breakfast: Two pop tarts and an instant coffee with a Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed in. All Day: I was continuously eating clif bars, snickers, twix, cheetos, trail mix and beef jerky. And I coated it all with peanut butter or Nutella whenever possible. Dinner: Usually some version of the Knorr pasta side with a package of tuna and a few ounces of instant mashed potatoes mixed in to thicken the gruel. I’d pair that with a whole wheat tortilla onto which I had smeared a thick coating of creme cheese, mayonnaise, or both. Sometimes I’d eat a few ounces of Gouda or cheddar, but all that stuff’s heavy. I’d get all this stuff while in town. The AT takes you near a small town every 3-5 days, and generally I’d hitchhike to the nearest grocery store or gas station and get as much of those things as I could. If I was “zeroing” (staying in town, doing zero miles that day) I’d have the biggest, most calorie rich meals I could find. Cheeseburgers, beer, ice cream, fries, wings, pancakes… all in absurd quantitates. I was burning 5000-6000 calories per day.”

via SourceFed