Benefits Of Eating Cucumbers

Benefits Of Eating Cucumbers

Sprouting from its Indian roots, cucumbers are the cooling treats of nature and are ranked fourth globally in popularity. Known as a super food, cucumbers are packed with essential nutrients that are a blessing for your health. Since cucumbers have seeds, they fall in the family of fruits instead of vegetables which they are mostly termed as.

Some of the most popular benefits of this green nature’s treat are listed below:

Beauty product:

Cucumbers are enriched with vitamins A, B and C and other essential minerals which make them an invaluable treating agent for the skin. Facial masks which are prepared using cucumber juice as their chief ingredient are quite refreshing to use as they give a smooth and supple glow to the face. Cucumbers are also used to treat a variety of skin problems such as acne, sunburns and other skin irritations because they have anti-inflammatory properties and also help to retain the skin elasticity. It is also an excellent moisturizer for the skin. They also act as a superb hair conditioner and hair loss treatment solution. The silicon and sulphur present in cucumbers give them their fabulous property of promoting hair growth.

Keeps the body hydrated:

Since cucumbers are 96% percent water, they are a great source of hydration during summers. In fact they are even more nutritious than plain water. Since they have anti oxidizing properties, they flush out toxins and waste from the body and act as natural cleansers. For those who are not habitual of drinking plenty of water during the hot season, can munch in cucumbers to cover up the water content required by the body.

Low-calorie super snack:

Their high energy and low calorie combination make them an awesome snack to munch on when your food cravings hit. Their high water content and high vitamin power together with high levels of dietary fiber make them an excellent food to satiate hunger and to promote quick digestion.

Anti cancerous properties:

Recent researches have yet to confirm but certain studies carried out concluded that cucumbers are packed with lignans which help to prevent breast, ovarian, prostate and uterine cancer.

A powerful miracle for diabetics:

Cucumbers are comprised of a special hormone which is required by our pancreatic cells to produce insulin. Insulin is responsible for normalizing the blood sugar levels and therefore, eating cucumbers helps diabetic patients to combat their diabetic condition and keep sugar levels from spiking up.

Reduces cholesterol and keeps the blood pressure under control:

Cucumbers contain a compound known as sterol which is known to reduce the levels of cholesterol and the high levels of fiber, potassium and magnesium content in cucumbers are known to normalize blood pressure levels.

Eliminates bad breath:

Cucumbers are a natural breath freshener. They contain phytochemicals which eradicate bad breath. Just place a slice of cucumber on the roof of the mouth for 30 seconds to dispel bad breath and kill bacteria in the mouth. Cucumbers are also great healing agents for bleeding gums.

Improves joint pain:

Cucumbers are rich in silicon which plays a pivotal role in curing joint pains and toughening connective tissues present in the joints.

The uncountable health benefits of cucumbers make them a must food to include in your daily dietary habits. So off to the grocery store and get your full supply of cucumbers to give yourself the powerful dose of green.